Netflix’s One Piece: What Does Nami’s Tattoo Mean?

Nami's tattoo means so much more than you can imagine.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Many fans of the Netflix adaptation of One Piece were enchanted by the brilliant and agile thief Nami. She is not only the navigator for the Strawhat crew but also one of the core members of the group, without whom Luffy would be completely lost.

However, one doubt about her in the minds of a large group of fans: What does her tattoo at the end of the season mean? Below, we will answer the meaning behind Nami’s Tattoo at the end of Netflix’s One Piece.

Beware of major spoilers for Netflix’s One Piece adaptation.

The Meaning Behind Nami’s Tattoo at the End of Netflix’s One Piece Season One

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Once Arlong was defeated and Nami was set free from his control, she removed the Arlong Pirates’ tattoo she was forced to get. She replaced it with another design composed of a pinwheel and a tangerine. This tattoo is Nami’s reminder of her freedom and the life she left behind when she became a Strawhat Pirate.

In Netflix’s One Piece, the origins of this tattoo are not given, but they are explained in the original manga. In Eiichiro Oda’s story, Nami gets this tattoo as a memento of her hometown, which she leaves to follow Luffy and the Strawhat crew. In the new adaptation, her tattoo is simply a symbol of her freedom from Arlong’s cruel rule.

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What Does the Tattoo Mean in the Manga?

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Nami’s tattoo was inspired by two important objects from her childhood, a pinwheel and tangerines. The first object was a gift from her village’s chief, Genzo. This symbol is a representation of how prosperous Nami’s village used to be before Arlong arrived.

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The tangerines are especially important in Nami’s life, as they used to be grown by her adoptive mother, Belle-mère. She is the woman who took in Nami and her sister Nojiko when their parents lost their lives. When Belle-mère died, Nami was devastated, so she chose to honor her memory by making her tangerines a part of her tattoo.

With Arlong gone, Nami was free to travel the world and achieve her dream of creating the first map of the entire world of One Piece. Yet, she did not want to forget where she came from, what she suffered, and what she lost. Nami’s tattoo may seem simple, but it holds a touching and heart-warming meaning behind it.

- This article was updated on September 1st, 2023

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