Oshi no Ko Age Rating and Parents Guide

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by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Age Rating Parents Guide
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Oshi no Ko is a poignant and compelling anime that has exploded to the top of the charts in more ways than one. The series is a stellar adaptation of Aka Akasaka’s original manga and makes careful use of several sensitive themes to bring a magnifying glass to the Japanese entertainment industry. But with a series that’s reaching a broader audience, people might be wondering if the content is safe for younger audiences. Read on for our Oshi no Ko age rating and parents guide!

Oshi no Ko Parents Guide: What is the Age Rating for the Anime?

The Oshi no Ko anime is considered TV-14 in the United States, which is also impressive given the sensitive topics it covers. Those who are under 14 years of age are advised to watch with parental guidance, and while the series is rather tame in the typical rating sensibilities, you’ll find some regions rate it differently than others:

  • US: TV-14
  • Canada: 14+
  • Hong Kong: 16+
  • India: UA 16+
  • Japan: PG12
  • Malaysia: P13
  • Singapore: NC16
  • Vietnam: C16

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It should be noted that the TV-14 rating is essentially a tame PG-13 rating in the States. This is worth noting against the other age restrictions listed, but in general, it’s impressive when considering the rating of the source material.

Oshi no Ko Manga Age Rating

The Oshi no Ko manga is a Seinen manga, marketed towards readers in their late teens, typically 16-18 years, which is a demographic that usually contains graphic material like violence or nudity. While Oshi no Ko doesn’t contain an abundance of either, the content it does show is meaningful to the point of being shocking or even devastating.

Does Oshi no Ko Have Sex or Nudity?

Oshi no Ko doesn’t have explicit nudity in any sense but does contain sexual references, although tame and not graphic. References include characters having had sex and getting pregnant, and scandalous rumors about actors being seduced by industry professionals.

Does Oshi no Ko Have Violence or Gore?

Oshi no Ko isn’t loaded with violence by any means, but there are at least 4 major instances in the manga and 2 so far in the anime. These incidents involve a stabbing, and 2 people pushed off a cliff in separate instances. A corpse is also found in a state of significant decay which can be disturbing to some.

Does Oshi no Ko Have Profanity?

There is some mild profanity in the show, but fairly typical of any TV-14 or PG-13 content.

Does Oshi no Ko Have Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking?

There are minor instances of smoking cigarettes throughout the anime and manga and alcohol consumption.

Does Oshi no Ko Have Frightening or Intense Scenes?

This is the driving force for Oshi no Ko‘s Seinen designation, and higher age rating in some regions. Along with realistic and dramatic depictions of murder, we also encounter numerous sensitive moments including a disturbing arc where a character contemplates and attempts suicide.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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