Oshi no Ko: How to Read the Manga After Season 1

Here's how to read the Oshi no Ko manga after finishing Season 1!

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Manga After Season 1
Image: Shueisha

Oshi no Ko Season 1 is now over, and what a cour it has been. It quickly subverted viewers’ expectations, going from what felt like more or less an Isekai story into a deep, Seinen exploration of the Japanese entertainment industry, with its central revenge tale at times feeling like simply a MacGuffin. It’s been a wild ride, but fans aware of the manga it adapts might be wondering how they can proceed from here. Here’s how to read the Oshi no Ko manga after Season 1!

How to Follow the Manga Story Arcs After Oshi no Ko Season 1

Read Oshi no Ko Chapter 41-onward if you’re looking to proceed through the next story arcs of Oshi no Ko. While this is more of a reductive solution than simply reading from the beginning, it allows fans who got into the series via the anime, to catch up to the story as it was originally written.

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The next story arc that Oshi no Ko adapts is the 2.5D Stage Play Arc, spanning Chapters 41-66, the longest arc yet in the series. It involves several recurring characters including Aqua’s love interests, Akane and Kana, and even supporting characters such as from the Entertainment World Arc. If you’ve not read the series yet, you can read this arc one time only on Manga Plus! Beyond this, you can also get the series through Yen Press!

It’s this point onward that we see revelations about Aqua and Ruby’s father, as well as some meaty character development for the supporting cast. It also promises a colorful visual treat when it’s inevitably adapted in Season 2!

There are currently over 122 chapters in Oshi no Ko, and while the end is in sight according to Aka Akasaka, there’s no indication of how soon in 2023 it’ll happen. For now, we can thank our lucky star eyes that it’s been around for as long as it has been.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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