10 Strongest My Hero Academia Villains, Ranked

The biggest baddies of My Hero Academia.

by Areeba Khan
Deku and Shigaraki fighting
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In a world full of flashy superheroes, there must naturally be some nasty villains to even out the scales. My Hero Academia delivers everything from powerful villains who’ve been around since the advent of Quirks to monstrous bioengineered beings of pure destruction.  So without further ado, let’s dive into this list of the strongest villains in My Hero Academia below.

Beware spoilers for My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Ranking the Strongest Villains of My Hero Academia

10. Stain (Chizome Akaguro)

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This villain managed to kill a total of 17 Pro Heroes while crippling another 23, earning the title Hero Killer. His Quirk, Bloodcurdle, lets him paralyze his targets by ingesting their blood. The amount of time they remain paralyzed depends on their blood type, with B having the longest and O the shortest duration. 

Once the victim is paralyzed, Stain can use his arsenal of swords and daggers to finish the job. With even a drop of blood being enough for his Quirk to take effect, most heroes struggle to hold their own against this formidable opponent.

9. Hood

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The first High-End Nomu of the series, Hood served as the primary antagonist of the Pro Hero Arc. Much like Gigantomachia, Hood also has six different Quirks. These include Transforming Arms, Shoulder-Mounted Jets, Super Regeneration, Muscle Augmentation, Power, and Storage

Transforming Arms lets him shapeshift his arms any way he desires (including into wings), while Storage lets him store other Nomu inside him to release as reinforcements. With regeneration powerful enough to survive complete destruction as long as the head remains, even Endeavor’s Prominence Burn only got him a narrow win.

8. Kurogiri

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A loyal servant of All For One, Kurogiri is a Nomu made from the corpse of U.A. student Oboro Shirakumo. Differing in both intelligence and appearance from your average Nomu, Kurogiri has the Quirk Warp Gate, which lets him teleport anyone or anything that comes into contact with his dark fog.

And while his Quirk is mostly used for strategic separation or escape, Kurogiri is far more powerful than one may assume. This is because, although he prefers not to, he can in fact use his portals to cut people in half. His lack of a tangible body also leaves him with just one weakness: his metal neck plate, without which he would disintegrate.

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7. Dabi (Toya Todoroki)

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Actually Endeavor’s oldest son Toya Todoroki, the villain Dabi boasts the Quirk Blueflame. As the name suggests, this Quirk lets him produce ultra-hot flames that consume everything in their path. Even as a child, his flames were hotter than his father’s. 

As he went through puberty, his fire turned blue, indicating a temperature range of 2500°C to 3000°C. But flames so hot come with a price. Due to inheriting his mother’s ice resistance, Dabi simply doesn’t have the fire resistance to use his Quirk for extended periods of time, burning himself if he tries.

6. Overhaul (Kai Chisaki)

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Possessing a Quirk of the same name, Overhaul has the ability to instantaneously disassemble and reassemble anything he touches with his bare hands. This applies to both inorganic and organic matter, the latter being what makes his Quirk so horrifyingly dangerous.

Overhaul can destroy people with a single touch and, if he wishes, can also bring them back to life. He can fuse people with himself, each other, or inanimate objects. And destroy and restore himself to heal injuries. His only weakness is that his Quirk is limited to his hands, a fatal flaw once the League of Villains cut his hands off.

5. Re-destro (Rikiya Yotsubashi)

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The leader of the Meta Liberation Army, Re-destro’s Quirk Stress, lets him store negative emotions like fear, anger and frustration and convert them into raw power. He’s easily able to overpower the entire League of Villains except Tomura Shigaraki, who was only able to defeat him by undergoing an awakening that greatly increased his physical strength and Quirk’s scale.

Re-destro’s durable enough to survive falling multiple stories when Shigaraki destroyed his tower, and has enhanced speed and reflexes. His Quirk has no known weaknesses and extremely high defensive potential, although since losing his legs, he can no longer use it to full capacity without his prosthetics snapping.

4. Twice (Jin Bubaigawara)

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Taking strength in numbers to another level, Twice’s Quirk Double lets him create copies of people, provided he knows their exact measurements. This isn’t even limited to living people, he can also create copies of the dead. The copies have the same Quirks as the original and retain free will.

And although Twice is limited to creating only two copies of a person at a time, he can in fact copy himself. These copies can then use Double to create more copies, resulting in an infinite number of Twice replicas. Twice’s copies can also theoretically create copies of his fellow villains for an army of villain duplicates. 

3. Gigantomachia

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While less of a real villain and more of a lackey, Gigantomachia is on this list thanks to his sheer physical strength and durability. Previously All For One’s bodyguard, Gigantomachia has six extra Quirks aside from his original one, Endurance. This Quirk lets him transform morale into physical energy and stamina, making his loyalty the most dangerous thing about him.

Machia’s extra Quirks include pain immunity, muscle hardening, mole-like digging, and increased smell and hearing. He can also change his size at will and live off very small amounts of food and water, making him a real threat on the battlefield.

2. Tomura Shigaraki (Tenko Shimura)

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All Might’s mentor Nana Shimura’s grandson, Tomura Shigaraki, is All For One’s successor and one of the main antagonists of My Hero Academia. His Quirk Decay disintegrates anything he touches and, with Dr. Ujiko‘s help, evolves to rapidly spread from one decaying object to the next. 

Once Tomura inherits All For One, he gains a bunch of new Quirks including Forced Quirk Activation, Hyper-Regeneration, Air Cannon, Search, and Radio Waves. These new Quirks make him more durable while also increasing his offensive and tactical capabilities.

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1. All For One (Shigaraki)

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Titled the Symbol of Evil, All For One is My Hero Academia’s central antagonist, who has been around since the emergence of Quirks. His Quirk, All For One, lets him steal and redistribute any Quirk as he wishes. He can also keep the Quirks he steals for himself, and has at least 37 Quirks other than his original one.

His extensive collection of useful Quirks includes Ragdoll’s Search, Stain’s Bloodcurdle, Warping, Bloodlet, Impure Beam and more. With no known weaknesses, he is one of the biggest threats against the Heroes, unmatched by anyone except All Might. 

- This article was updated on October 18th, 2023

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