Top 6 Best My Hero Academia Episodes of Season 6 

Discover the best episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6!

by Areeba Khan
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Set in a society with supernatural powers called Quirks, the world of My Hero Academia is rife with heroes, villains, and a lot of conflict between the two. Villains like All For One and his successor, Tomura Shigaraki, wish for the fall of Hero society, a goal they have been working towards for years. Season 6 starts with the heroes looking to foil these plans, but things quickly take a turn for the worse. These best episodes of My Hero Academia season 6 had fans on the edge of their seats as they followed along!

Since we’ll be discussing these episodes in detail, beware spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 6. You have been warned!

The Best My Hero Academia Season 6 Episodes

6. “Deku vs. Class A” (S6, Episode 23)

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First aired on March 11, 2023, “Deku vs. Class A” was an emotional episode for fans. After learning Shigaraki is after him, Deku leaves his friends at U.A. behind to protect them. But Class 1-A isn’t willing to let their friend shoulder everything by himself. 

With help from Principal Nezu and Endeavor, the students devise a plan to corner Deku and bring him back to U.A. As Deku tries to run, Class 1-A reminds him of the good times they’ve shared together and how he’s always helped them. 

In a heartfelt moment reminiscent of Bakugo’s rescue in season three, Iida grabs Deku’s hand, repeating his own words about a true hero being someone who helps when it’s not asked for. The episode gets even better when Deku’s childhood friend and bully, Bakugo Katsuki, apologizes for his behavior, showing how far he’s come as a character and redefining the two’s relationship.

5. “The Lovely Lady Nagant” (S6, Episode 21)

Image: Toho animation

“The Lovely Lady Nagant” aired on February 25, 2023, and completely changed viewers’ perception of the Hero Public Safety Commission. Hawks’ predecessor, Lady Nagant, revealed how she was forced to silently assassinate corrupt heroes to maintain public faith. When she finally had enough and killed the HPSC’s chairman, she was imprisoned in Tartarus for the crime of killing a fellow hero.

Now working for All For One, Nagant’s Rifle Quirk makes her a formidable opponent who forces Deku to use every trick in his book to win. When he finally bridges the gap between the two, Nagant attacks a vulnerable Chisaki to distract him. Using an impressive mix of Fa Jin, One For All, and Blackwhip, Deku’s able to save him while simultaneously destroying Nagant’s Rifle.

This ends the tense fight, but as Deku grabs a falling Nagant’s hand, a second fight to save the hero in Nagant begins. She’s touched by his heroic spirit, but her body unexpectedly explodes, an emergency measure by All For One. Hawks breaks her fall to the ground, and she reveals All For One’s location before falling unconscious, proving her hero heart.

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4. “The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire” (S6, Episode 17)

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Airing on January 28, 2023, “The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire” dove deeper into Dabi’s backstory, especially from Rei Todoroki’s perspective. The episode starts with the entire Todoroki family entering Endeavor’s hospital room as Rei declares that Dabi isn’t just Endeavor’s responsibility. That’s a burden all of them share. 

Viewers are then taken back in time, witnessing Enji and Rei’s Quirk marriage, Dabi’s mismatched Quirk, and the consequences of all of that on Rei’s psyche. Endeavor’s attempts to dissuade a young Dabi from using his Quirk all backfire as he attacks Shoto and continues training in secret for his father’s approval.

His mother Rei tries to stop him, but he rejects her, contributing to her eventual mental breakdown. The episode does a great job of highlighting the biggest problem with Dabi: he’s well and truly Endeavor’s son. Just the way Endeavor never gave up, Dabi doesn’t give up either, no matter the cost to himself or others.

3. “The Thrill of Destruction” (S6, Episode 5)

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The Thrill of Destruction” was a much anticipated episode when it first came out on October 29, 2022, and for good reason. The last episode saw Shigaraki awakening despite the heroes destroying Dr. Garaki’s equipment. Fans knew by now that Shigaraki was a threat, but exactly how dangerous he was remained to be seen.

At the start of the episode, we saw Endeavor, Gran Torino and the others dispatching the advanced Nomu while Tokoyami successfully rescued Hawks. Suddenly, Deku heard the first One For All user warning him about Shigaraki. 

What followed next was an unimaginable wave of destruction. Shigaraki’s decay spread from the lab to the city at an unprecedented rate, decaying anyone and anything in its path. Things really took a turn for the worse in this episode, establishing Tomura Shigaraki as an antagonist on par with All For One.

2. “One’s Justice” (S6, Episode 3)

Image: Toho animation

Airing on October 15, 2022, “One’s Justice” is easily one of the most memorable episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6. The episode was also very important for giving fans insight into who Hawks really is behind his mask of nonchalance.

As the Heroes assault the Gunga Mountain Villa, Hawks uses his feathers to restrain a distressed Twice. The scene is almost villainous, but we see the Hero in Hawks as he tells Twice that he isn’t a bad person and that if he turns himself in, Hawks will personally help him start over.

The tension rises as Dabi appears, attacking Hawks to help Twice escape. But before Twice can help the rest of the villains with his Double Quirk, Hawks kills him by stabbing him in the back with one of his primary feathers. The episode ends on an emotional note as Toga mourns her friend’s death.

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1.”Dabi’s Dance” (S6, Episode 11)

Image: Toho animation

The eleventh episode of the season airing on December 10, 2022, “Dabi’s Dance” confirmed a theory a lot of fans had: that Dabi was Endeavor’s seemingly dead son, Toya Todoroki. The reveal was devastating and executed right when people were starting to actually like Endeavor. 

With Skeptic’s help, Toya airs out the Todoroki family’s dirty laundry, also exposing Hawks’ criminal father and his murders of Twice and Best Jeanist in the process. Endeavor initially reacts to the news with denial, but then falls into shock, unable to fight his eldest.

Shoto tries to get his father to snap out of it and protect his friends, even calling him Dad instead of just Endeavor, but to no avail. Dabi then prepares to attack his speechless father and brother with Endeavor’s own signature move, Prominence Burn. This attempt is foiled as Best Jeanist enters the battlefield, but the fight is far from over.

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