What Episode Does Luffy Fight Doflamingo in One Piece?

One of the best fights in the series!

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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One Piece is a series known for its intriguing plot, charming characters, and epic fights against ruthless villains. Throughout the years, Luffy and his friends have faced various opponents, from Marine officers to unhinged pirates.

One of the most popular and beloved battles in the franchise is the one that occurred between Luffy and Doflamingo. This fight allowed both participants to display how strong, capable, and imaginative they could be. If you want to know when you will see this intense battle or wish to rewatch it, keep reading to learn in what episode Luffy fights Doflamingo in One Piece.  

Beware of spoiler below for One Piece.

One Piece Episodes About Luffy VS. Doflamingo

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The battle between Luffy and Doflamingo in One Piece was divided into two encounters. The first one, which ended without a clear victor, occurred between episodes 721 and 728. After a short break, the battle commences once again in episode 732. Luffy was able to put an end to Doflamingo’s reign of terror by the end of episode 734.

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These battles took place during the Dessrosa arc, which is the 27th in the franchise. In the manga, this battle began in chapter 780 and was concluded in chapter 791. Newcomers to the series are advised to not skip directly into the fight, as they will most likely not understand the context surrounding the battle.

Why Did Luffy Fight Doflamingo?

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As a child, Doflamingo was the son of a disgraced Celestial Dragon who was killed by angry commoners. The pink-haired man, who was already cruel as a child, became a cold-blooded killer, wishing nothing more than to regain the power that was stripped from him. He forcefully took over the land of Dressrosa, enslaving its citizens and killing anyone who opposed him.

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Luffy became friends with the former princess of the Kingdom, Rebecca, who told him about Doflamingo’s crimes. Angry, the Straw Hat Captain challenged the deranged ruler to put an end to his bloody regime. While Luffy was overwhelmed by Doflamingo’s ability at first, he ended up as the victor, all thanks to his Gear 4 transformation.

What is Gear 4?

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Gear 4 is one of Luffy’s most powerful techniques, which he learned during the two-year time skip of the series. To use this transformation, Luffy inflates his body with air, while covering it in Armor Haki. By doing so, his resistance, strength, and reach are increased exponentially.

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This technique has 3 different versions, each focusing on a different skill. The first one is Boundman, which increases Luffy’s body mass and strength. Tankman is the defensive form of Gear 4, turning Luffy’s body into a large sphere that can withstand almost any attack. The last one is Snakeman, in which Luffy’s arms and legs become larger, giving him a better chance at long-distance combat.

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