What is a Buccaneer in One Piece? Explained

A new race has been revealed in One Piece.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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In One Piece chapter 1095, fans were taken back in time to see the story of Kuma as a young boy. During this flashback, many new concepts and characters were introduced, which left fans with many new unanswered questions.

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One of the most pressing enigmas left by this chapter is the origins of a new race called Buccaneer. The Celestial Dragons were especially interested in Kuma and his father due to their Buccaneer blood, but the topic was barely addressed in the chapter. To aid fans who are confused by this new race, we have compiled all the information available about what is a Buccaneer in One Piece.

Beware spoilers for One Piece.

Who Were the Buccaneers in One Piece?

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The Buccaneers are an almost extinct race that was persecuted and killed by the Celestial Dragons. While One Piece Chapter 1095 did not specify why they were hunted, it did imply that they committed a severe crime against the World Government. They were followers of Joy Boy and the Sun God Nika, which could imply that they helped the former during the Void Century.

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Those who survived the annihilation of their people went into hiding, like Kuma’s father. Sadly, even they were hunted and killed, leaving Kuma as the last Buccaneer to exist currently in the world. Besides these facts, nothing more was revealed during Kuma’s childhood flashback, so it is likely that the origins and crime of this race will play a part in a future story.

What are the Traits of a Buccaneer?

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As specified by Saint Saturn, a member of the Five Elders, the Buccaneers had giant blood running through their veins. This may imply that the members of this race were born as a mix of humans and giants. Due to their giant blood, they were several times higher and bulkier than a regular human, even as children.

They also had increased strength, and endurance, and were extremely difficult to defeat, as seen with Kuma and his father who survived brutal beatings several times in the past. The Buccaneers also thought that the story of the Sun God Nika, whom they referred to as the Warrior of Liberation, was real and were waiting for him to come back and save them from slavery.

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