What is Anya Forger’s Age in Spy x Family? Answered

by J.R. Waugh
Why Did Anya Lie About Her Age in Spy x Family
Image: WIT Studio / CloverWorks

When Spy x Family debuted, fans were quickly charmed by the entertaining blend of espionage, action, and gut-busting comedy. But one of the standout characters from Spy x Family has been winning over fans despite being so young and that’s Anya Forger, so here’s everything we know about her age!

How Old is Anya Forger in Spy x Family?

While Anya pretended to be 6 years old in Spy x Family, she is likely 4-5 years of age. She is slightly more impulsive and immature than her classmates as well, tipping off her younger age. It also would explain her poor performance at school and difficulty grasping other subjects as well as her fellow students. Or, the explanation is that she’s just a young kid suddenly thrust into the nation’s most elite school, not everybody thrives at once.

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Image: WIT Studio / CloverWorks

That being said, on the flip side, her performance at Eden has been remarkable, and even though some instances had her being helped by the Pastry of Knowledge, she’s punching higher than her academic weight class. That she’s not being given more Tonitrus Bolts and can continue studying there means that her effort is paying off, and even if she has difficulty grasping some of the bigger words, they should cut her a break. Anya’s a kid pretending to be 1-2 grades higher than she is. But good luck convincing Yuri.

Why Did Anya Lie About Her Age in Spy x Family?

Her reasoning for pretending to be 6 was that she read Loid’s mind and learned he needed a 6-year-old for Operation Strix, where he’d connect with the Desmond family using a child who’d climb the ranks at Eden Academy. If she was too young, she’d be passed over in favor of another child, which would mean she’d miss a shot at a better life than at the orphanage.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2023

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