What is Operation Strix in Spy x Family? Explained

What was Agent Twilight tasked with in Spy X Family?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Spy X Family is a show that has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide due to its enchanting characters and exciting plot. One of the main reasons why fans are so invested in the series is the mysterious mission that was assigned to Agent Twilight, Operation Strix.

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For newer fans, these words may seem confusing, as the show does not always explain the mission when referencing it in later episodes or seasons. To help clear the confusion some fans may have, we have compiled below all the information necessary to answer what if Operation Strix in Spy X Family.

An Explanation of Operation Strix from Spy X Family

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Operation Strix is the secret codename given to the mission assigned to Agent Twilight at the beginning of the show. This mission consists of infiltrating Eden Academy with the help of an adoptive child, or the small and adorable Anya, and a fake wife, a role played by Yor. Once access to the school had been granted, Loid was tasked with getting close to Donovan Desmond.

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The aforementioned man is the leader of Ostania’s National Unity Party, meaning that he has a lot of influence in the country’s government. While not much has been said about his plan, W.I.S.E.’s agents believe him to be working towards a new war between Ostania and Westalis. Agent Twilight needs to get close to him and stop his plans before it is too late.

How Has the Mission Progressed?

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Despite initial complications, Loid and Anya worked hard to secure a spot in Eden Academy. From that point onward, the mission became stagnant, as Donovan is known for rarely ever leaving his home. However, during a parent-teacher conference, Loid had the opportunity to talk face-to-face with his target, which helped him discern what kind of person he was.

Loid and Anya are focused on finding a way for the young girl to befriend Donovan’s second son, Damien. If he and Anya become friends, the possibility of entering the Desmond’s house becomes an option for Agent Twilight. Sadly, the young Esper and Damien are not compatible and they tend to fight constantly, which only makes things more difficult for Loid.

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