Who are the Desmond Family in Spy x Family?

The Desmond family are one of the most influential in Ostania. But who are they?

by Drew Kopp
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The overarching story of Spy x Family is, in many ways, a tale of two families. While the endearing slice-of-life antics of the Forger family eat up most of the series’ narrative spotlight, the harsher aspects of their public and private lives are intrinsically tied to the Desmond family. Every member of the Desmond family is an essential figure in Spy x Family’s plot, and they are all fascinating characters with compelling traits and intriguing hidden depths. Here’s everything you need to know about Spy x Family‘s Desmond Family.

Who are the Desmond Family?

The Desmond family is one of the most prominent families in Ostania, the primary setting of Spy x Family. Embodied by a hereditary coat-of-arms emblazed with the likeness of a golden griffin, the Desmond name carries an air of authority and significance. Fittingly enough, each of the four members of the Desmond family is a prominent individual within their respective social circles. However, their idyllic public reputation masks an interpersonal dynamic defined by a cold detachment that opposes the warm bonds that tie the Forger family together.

Here is a run-down of every member of the Desmond family.

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Donovan Desmond

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Donovan Desmond is the primary target of Operation Strix, the assignment that brought Loid Forger to Ostania in the first place. A slim, well-trimmed, and snappily dressed man whose main defining features are his bulging, sunken-in eyes, Donovan is the leader of the once-prominent far-right National Unity Party and the former Prime Minister of Ostania. Under Donovan’s leadership, Ostania invaded the neighboring Westalis, igniting a war that claimed countless lives.

While Donovan was removed from office after the National Unity Party was voted out of power, Donovan and his confederates are allegedly plotting to kickstart another war between Ostania and Westalis. In his only direct appearance in Spy x Family chapter 37/episode 25, Donovan displayed a startling lack of empathy, stating that people are incapable of understanding each other and that everyone around, including his family, are essentially strangers in his eyes.

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Melinda Desmond

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Donovan’s wife, Melinda Desmond, was almost as enigmatic of a figure as her husband was at the start of Spy x Family. However, recent chapters have given the ex-First Lady of Ostania time to shine. A well-known socialite and head of the Lady Patriot’s Society, Melinda, by all outward appearances, is a friendly and outgoing woman who does not allow her wealth and status to go to her head, as she quickly strikes up a friendship with Yor after the two meet by chance in Spy x Family chapter 65.

However, a darker aspect of Melinda’s personality can be seen in her relationship with her family. After Damian and the other students of Eden Academy emerged unscathed from a hijacking incident in Spy x Family chapter 76, Melinda unexpectedly appeared to pick up Damian, smothering her son with affection and expressing her relief that he was alright. However, as soon as Donovan is brought up, Melinda’s inner thoughts change, revealing that her love for her son is marred by her apparent fear and hatred of her husband, implying that Donovan and Melinda’s marriage is far from an ideal union.

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Demetrius Desmond

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Demetrius Desmond has arguably usurped his father’s role as the most mysterious character in Spy x Family. Very little is known about Demetrius outside of his status as the eldest child of the Desmond family and Damian’s older brother, as he has only appeared as a silhouette or a disembodied voice speaking through a phone.

The only definitive information Spy x Family has revealed about Demetrius is that he is an outstanding student, as he was granted the prestigious title of Imperial Scholar during his time at Eden Academy. Unfortunately, Demetrius’ relationship with his family is not as healthy as his academic career. While Damian has been shown to look up to his older brother, their relationship is strained by the blatant favoritism Donovan shows towards Demetrius.

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Damian Desmond

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Damian Desmond is Anya’s primary rival at Eden Academy, so he has gotten more panel/screen time than every other member of the Desmond Family. At first glance, the youngest scion of the Desmond family appears to be nothing more than an arrogant brat who seeks to prove his innate superiority by bullying and belittling his peers, all while losing his temper at the slightest bruise to his ego.

However, as is often the case in Spy x Family, there is much more to Damian than meets the eye. Beneath all of the bluster and bravado is a young man who wants nothing more than to earn his emotionally distant father’s approval and someone who will go above and beyond for anyone he sees as a friend. Nowhere is this hidden tenderness more apparent than with his ever-evolving relationship with Anya, whom he has a one-sided crush on.

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