What Kind of Dog is Bond in Spy x Family?

A look into the breed of Bond from Spy X Family.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Spy X Family has an abundance of relatable, charismatic, and downright adorable characters for viewers. From the innocent and energetic Anya to her focused and extremely talented father Loid, the cast of the show has caught the hearts of viewers all over the globe. However, one of the most beloved characters is the fluffy and kind dog of the Forger Family, Bond.

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Despite being a later addition to the cast, Bond has quickly become one of the most popular characters in the series. Many fans who adore this loveable canine have wondered what kind of breed can produce such a cute animal. Below, we have all the information needed to answer what kind of dog is Bond from Spy X Family.

Beware of spoilers for Spy X Family.

What Breed is Bond from Spy X Family?

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The goodest boy in all of Spy X Family, Bond, is depicted as a Great Pyrenees. While this has not been confirmed officially, fans believe this to be the case due to his facial structure, his long straight hair, how white his fur is, and the fact that he is big and strong enough to let Anya ride him. However, he could also be a mix, given that he was raised in a laboratory.

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Bond being a Great Pyrenees would also make sense given the setting of Spy X Family. Ostania and Westalis are inspired by Eastern and Western Germany, which means the fictional countries are a part of that world’s version of Europe. The Great Pyrenees is a breed that was raised in France in the real world, which would make it easy for someone from Germany to acquire one.

What Makes Bond Special?

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Bond, like Anya, was a part of Project Apple, a secret operation of Ostania’s Government to give special abilities to different kinds of beings. Unlike his owner, who could read people’s minds, Bond was granted the ability to see the future. The trigger for this ability is unknown but it seems to be activated only when an important event is going to take place near Bond.

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Our fluffy friend used his powers to protect people from tragedies, like the young boy who was about to be crushed by a sign during Bond’s first appearance. He also used his ability to help Anya prevent a terrorist attack that would have resulted in the death of Loid. By the end of this adventure, Anya and Bond did not want to be separated, which is why the dog was adopted by the Forgers.

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