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These are tha characters that you should know about in Spy X Family.

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The world of Spy X Family is one many endearing, charming, and unique characters call home. You can find everyone in this show, from simple workers to super spies trying to prevent a gruesome war. This is one of the reasons why millions around the world tune in every time a new episode is released.

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With such a big cast, keeping track of all the characters can be difficult. The good news is that the main characters of the show are easy to remember once you meet them. To help new fans of the show remember who are the protagonists of the story, we have compiled a list of all Spy X Family main characters.

Beware of minor spoilers for Spy X Family.

A List of the Main Characters in Spy X Family

All the characters below are the ones that move the plot of Spy X Family along. Some may not be as crucial to the story as others, but all of them have a very important role to play. Each one has a unique personality and amazing designs, and fans are sure to love them once they get the chance to know them well.

Anya Forger

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A small girl with the power to read minds and a deep love for adventures. This cute and excitable pink-haired Esper is the one the story of the show mostly revolves around. She may not be the smartest or the most coordinated, but Anya has a heart of gold and loves her family.

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She knows that her father is a spy and always does her best to help him while pretending she knows nothing. She has been stealing the hearts of viewers since she was first seen in the series, thanks to her hilarious antics, adorable personality, and strong will.

Loid Forger

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The best spy in the whole world, a master of disguise, and the man selected to maintain the peace between Ostania and Westalis, Agent Twilight. He is the adoptive father of Anya, tasked with finding out what Donovan Desmond’s plans are and stopping him.

Loid is a man who dreams of a world where no child has to ever cry. To achieve his goal, he has become a cold-hearted spy who is capable of anything to accomplish his missions. Still, maybe the love of Anya and his relationship with Yor could be what he needed to feel again.

Yor Briar

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During the day, Yor is a regular citizen who works in the Berlitz City Hall as a clerk. When night comes, she reveals her true identity, that of the world’s best assassin, the Thorn Princess. She is an amazing fighter, stronger than most regular humans and with the agility and grace of a feline.

Despite being a professional killer, Yor is a kind young woman who truly cares about her loved ones. She acts as Loid’s fake wife, a role that helps the spy infiltrate Eden Academy and gives her an alibi in case police start suspecting her. Nonetheless, she takes her role seriously and is an amazing mother to Anya.

Bond Forger

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One of the goodest boys in anime, an incredible guardian for Anya, and the last member of the Forger Family. Bond is a large white dog who has the power to see the future. He would normally use this power to save people from danger, by moving them out of the way of tragic accidents.

Bond was the last member of the Forger family to join the show, but he is no less important for that. Fans love this fluffy and calm dog, as well as the hysterical adventures he and Anya get involved with.

Donovan Desmond

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Donovan is a lonely, enigmatic, and dangerous man who acts as the sitting chairman for Ostania’s National Unity Party. He is a cruel man who cares about status and power more than anything in the world, even his own family.

The Desmond patriarch is the target of Operation Strix, as W.I.S.E. believes he is working towards starting a new war between Ostania and Westalis. He may not appear often in the show, but his influence can be felt in most episodes.

Damian Desmond

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The youngest member of the Desmond Family and a boy with a lot to prove, Damian is the best bet Anya has to help her father accomplish his mission. Damian seems like a snobbish and mean rich kid at first glance, but he is just a lonely boy who wishes for nothing more than his father’s approval.

He and Anya have a rocky relationship, as the young boy has a crush on the girl he refuses to admit and Anya does not seem to like him. Still, the times when they get to interact are often hilarious and wholesome.

Becky Blackbell

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Becky is the daughter of Ostania’s best weapon manufacturer and Anya’s best friend. Despite still being young, she likes to act much older, inspired by the countless romantic dramas she has seen.

She can often come off as condescending but she means no harm, she was simply raised differently than most other kids. Nevertheless, she is a true friend, always supporting Anya and keeping her company when no one else in school will.

Henry Henderson

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Only one word is necessary to describe Anya’s history teacher, elegant. Master Henderson is an older gentleman who appreciates elegance and good behavior above all else. He is a stern individual, often lecturing or punishing Anya for her actions.

Those who get to know him are aware that Henderson is simply looking out for the kids under his care, wanting nothing more than to see them succeed in life. Woefully, he will have to deal with Anya’s antics for many years to come, although fans will no doubt enjoy their interactions.

Yuri Briar

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In the world of Spy X Family, a spy’s worst enemy is the secret police. Yuri Briar, the younger and slightly obsessive younger brother of Yor, is a member of this elite group. Because Yor raised him as a kid, Yuri developed an unhealthy reliance on his sister and hates the idea of someone taking her away from him.

He hates Loid for this very reason, seeing him as an evil man who wants to separate the siblings. In spite of how unhinged he can act around Yor, Yuri is a brilliant and capable officer who works hard to keep Ostania safe. Fans are sure to laugh uncontrollably any time Yuri and Yor are together in the show.

Sylvia Sherwood

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The agents of W.I.S.E. know that they have nothing to fear as long as their handler, Sylvia Sherwood, is there to aid them. Do not let her appearance fool you, because Sylvia is one of the best spies in all of Westalis. Agile, strong, intelligent, and an amazing boss.

She knows the cruelty that comes with war and works hard every day to prevent a new military conflict from commencing. Unfortunately for Loid, this means that she does not take days off and neither do her best agents.

Fiona Frost

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Also known as Agent Nightfall, Fiona is Loid’s best student and a recurring partner during missions. She is a cold and calculating woman who leaves her emotions behind to become the best spy she can be. Fiona does not like inefficiency and looks up to Loid as her role model.

Surprisingly, behind her cold demeanor, hides a woman who loves so deeply it can be concerning. She is completely devoted to Agent Twilight, to the point where she imagines their lives as husband and wife daily. She never allows her emotions to interfere with a mission, even when it pains her to do so.

Franky Franklin

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What would be of Agent Twilight without the informant who helps him with all his missions? Franky is a young man who gives Loid information about his targets, gives him gadgets to help him be more efficient, and accompanies him to difficult jobs.

Unlike most spy-related workers, Franky is a laid-back individual who seems more concerned about finding a date than doing his job. Still, he is always ready to help Agent Twilight when it is needed and is one of the few people Loid can trust in his line of work.

Other Recurring Characters

  • The Shopkeeper
  • W.I.S.E. Agent
  • Martha Marriott
  • Emile Elman
  • Ewen Egeburg
  • Bill Watkins
  • Camilla
  • Millie
  • Sharon
  • Dominic

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