Who is the Main Character in My Hero Academia?

This character will become the number one Hero.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Since it was first released to the public, My Hero Academia has been considered one of the greatest contemporary anime. Fans have praised its creator, Kohei Horikoshi, for the amazing world he created, the incredible power system that he came up with, and its delightful cast.

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Still, there are plenty of anime fans who know next to nothing about the show. It can be easier to get invested in a series if you know about its premise, and most importantly its main character. Below, you can find all the information about who is the main character in My Hero Academia to help you decide if you want to get into this incredible franchise.

The Identity of the Protagonist of My Hero Academia

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The main character in My Hero Academia is named Izuku Midoriya. He is a young green-haired man who has dreamed about becoming a Hero his entire life. Sadly, he is Quirkless, which means that he has no superpower to aid him. Izuku is one of the few people in Japan to have been born with this condition, which is why he was mocked and ridiculed most of his life.

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Despite this, Midoriya never allowed others to bring him down and worked hard to pass the entrance exam of U.A. Academy, the best hero school in Japan. He is kind, loyal, extremely smart and observant. Nonetheless, he is also anxious and is a bit of a crybaby, which in my opinion only makes him more human.

Other Notable Characters

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Besides Midoriya, there are plenty of other members of My Hero Academia’s cast whom fans should not ignore. First of all, is Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku’s former friend and main bully. He acts as the deuteragonist of the series, and his actions are equally as important as Izuku’s to move the plot along. There are many episodes and arcs in the series that focus entirely on Bakugo.

Other important characters include Ochako Uraraka and Tenya Ida, Izuku’s best friends. Despite not being as relevant as Midoriya or Bakugo, they do follow our protagonist almost everywhere he goes. Lastly, but no less important, are the remaining Class 1-A students of U.A. Academy, who fans tend to overlook. In my opinion, you should not take them for granted, as they are all amazing in their own right.

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2023

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