Will My Happy Marriage Get a Season 2?

My Happy Marriage is a smash hit anime, but will get another season?

by J.R. Waugh
My Happy Marriage Season 2
Image: Akumi Agitogi / Rito Kohsaka / Square Enix

My Happy Marriage has quickly captivated international audiences with its sincere story of love and escaping from abuse. It follows Miyo Saimori as she is sent off to be married against her will to a soldier believed to be cruel and uncaring, but quickly reveals that this is a perception by the public. Her fiancé-to-be, Kiyoka Kudou, is revealed to be a tender, caring man with patience to help Miyo come out of her shell, winning over the audience instantly. With the season finale quickly approaching for Season 1 on Netflix, fans might be wondering, will My Happy Marriage get a Season 2?

My Happy Marriage Season 2 Release Window

Sources have confirmed a Season 2 for My Happy Marriage, so we can reasonably expect it to come to Netflix soon! The news was quick to circulate on Twitter and it will surely be a pleasant update for the fans!

With it maintaining a pretty steady position as #3 in the top trending anime on anitrendz.com as well as #6 on MyAnimeList, My Happy Marriage has secured enormous popularity with the viewers.

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That being said, the anime is pretty close to being caught up with the manga as it’s published in Japan. That’s not to say it can’t get more content out of the series, but if another season happens, My Happy Marriage’s Season 2 release window is likely 2024-2025 or beyond. With the light novels still releasing new content into 2024 and possibly beyond, along with its manga adaptation still releasing chapters in the near future, we could see this series take bold new directions.

How Many Seasons Will My Happy Marriage Have?

It’s difficult to say, but 2 seasons is certainly a reasonable estimate for now, if not 3. It all depends on how long the series runs, but fans will in all likelihood just have to wait a bit of extra time, akin to waiting between seasons of Jujutsu Kaisen.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2023

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