Best Anson Mount Movies and TV Shows, Ranked

A talent who has graced us with voiceover, stage, film, and television work over the years.

by J.R. Waugh
Anson Mount TV Shows Movies
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Anson Mount has been turning heads lately for multiple fandoms for his distinctive voice and leading man charisma. He’s been active in the industry for decades and is truly getting the recognition he deserves. When not clapping back on Twitter, he’s heard in podcasts, and seen in several high-profile fan-favorite projects. But ranking the best contributions by Anson Mount to movies and TV shows is to examine a multifaceted career with a continuously bright future.

The Best Anson Mount Performances in Movies and TV Shows, Ranked

Anson Mount has been on the scene since 1999 and shows no signs of stopping. He has had roles on shows like Ally McBeal and had early starring roles including a romantic lead alongside Britney Spears in Crossroads, and even Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror.

This is to say, some of his movies weren’t all as good, and his TV shows certainly are easier to appreciate (suffice to say, Crossroads won’t make this list) Anson Mount still has put in some of his best work in earlier films. Here’s a selection of the best performances, and shows/films in general for the actor:

10. Safe

Image: Lionsgate

Anson Mount has featured at numerous points of his career in supporting roles for films featuring other major action stars. In Safe from 2012, Mount features in a villainous role opposite Jason Statham. The film itself is nothing special, but even in scenes where he speaks with the film’s star, you can tell that Mount has too much charisma and presence to spend time outside a leading role.

9. Injustice

Image: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

You might have guessed it but Mount’s distinctive voice has led to some pretty great voiceover opportunities. Perhaps one of the coolest of them all was the chance to voice Bruce Wayne / Batman, which he got to do in this adaptation of the hit fighting game. While the film itself wasn’t strong, the voice cast was praised for their performances, even if their characters weren’t fully fleshed out.

8. Non-Stop

Image: Universal Pictures

Another exciting action flick in this list, this time Mount features as Jack Hammond, a fellow air marshall on the same flight as Liam Neeson’s lead character Bill Marks. You can probably guess which character survives the plot of this movie but Mount’s role in the film extends further into the plot and there are some interesting developments at Hammond’s expense.

7. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

Image: Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness was perhaps not what fans expected it to be, but that was largely due to unrealistic expectations. What we did get, however, was an awesome, gruesome look at the multiverse along with a rampaging Scarlet Witch. Did Mount’s Black Bolt, a low-key awesome Marvel character (with an admittedly stupid name, Blackagar Boltagon) get done dirty? Absolutely.

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Mount can’t help but tease at hints of Black Bolt’s return, despite how implausible it is. Yes, we’re aware of him first taking this role in Inhumans, and no, that show does not make this list for obvious reasons (it was bad.)

6. Tully

Image: Small Planet Pictures

One of Anson Mount’s earliest films, Tully was critically well-received as a more low-concept presentation than much of Mount’s other work. It was praised for its performances if a bit slower-moving for other audiences, but the presence of its stars was noted as the driving force behind the film’s success.

5. MK Ultra

Image: Cinedigm

Cold War-era thrillers are always interesting potential stories in films, and when it’s inspired by true events surrounding the MKUltra experiments in the United States, you’ve got something sure to draw in audiences. Mount stars in this thriller as Ford Strauss, who upon attempting to research medicinal uses for LSD, finds himself entangled in a government conspiracy, at first believing them to be supportive of his research. He finds himself burdened with finding the truth behind these experiments in a dark, morally uncertain journey.

4. Hell on Wheels

Image: Entertainment One Television

This is where you begin to see the formation of Mount’s greatest achievements begin: Anson Mount seems to put his best work into TV shows, such as Hell on Wheels. The show started in earnest and, despite having a rocky middle period, finished on a great note, with Mount being a highlight of the Western series. It follows Mount as Cullen Bohannon, a former Confederate officer alongside an ensemble of other characters during the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad in the mid-19th century.

The show certainly erred more on the dramatic than the biographical side of things, using the period setting as more of a backdrop to the story’s plot than something to be taken too seriously. But it resulted in a Western drama that grew more interesting with time and was a dream come true for its star, Anson Mount. It was also an interesting connection such as with Colm Meaney, a Star Trek series veteran, a connection that would grow more interesting as Mount’s career continued to develop.

3. Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Image: Netflix

Dota, much like Castlevania and Arcane, prove that video game adaptations seem to be far less risky and far more likely to gain critical acclaim when animated. Specifically, animated competently, with a stellar voice cast. Anson Mount is one of the many actors from video games, TV shows, and movies to grace this cast. Joining Mount in this one are actors like Yuri Lowenthal, Tony Todd, and Troy Baker in this hit adaptation of the Valve MOBA. Mount’s voice is featured through much of the series behind the character Kaden, who seeks to slay Slyrak, a deadly Great Dragon.

2. Star Trek: Discovery

Image: Paramount

This is where Mount would take on perhaps the most iconic role that would cement him as a modern star of television. In Star Trek: Discovery, Mount got the coveted role of Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise. His portrayal was charming, conscientious, and resonant enough for fans to want to see more.

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Seeing the smile creep across his face as he takes the captain’s chair and mutters his signature captain catchphrase in the season 2 finale is special. It feels like you’re seeing Mount’s happiness manifest in a role that’d define him for years to come.

1. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Image: Paramount

This is not only the best and most easily beloved of Mount’s performances, but also the show that many Trek fans have been waiting for. It’s optimistic and forward-thinking but with a finger on the pulse of the modern day. It’s exceptionally well-written with a great cast.

But the man at the helm of the show’s literal and metaphorical ship is Mount, portraying a captain humbled by the visions of his demise, yet seeking to bring about positive change in every possible way before he passes. It’s hopeful, nostalgic, and utterly gorgeous, with nods to the old shows while bringing something new to the table, and very much the strongest selling point of a Paramount Plus subscription.

Anson Mount has plenty to continue to offer us fans, whether you’re a fan of his voiceover work, television roles, or characters on the big screen. You might even be surprised to know that he voiced Sebastian Castellanos in The Evil Within, his first video game voice role. The man continues to make waves and secure cool roles, whatever your preferences are. It’d be best to keep an eye out for what’s to come.

- This article was updated on April 1st, 2023

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