Best Isekai Anime with OP MC

You don't want to mess with these characters

by Christian Bognar

Watching an overpowered character dominate their opponents on the TV screen is entertaining, to say the least. This rings especially true when the character was once considered an underdog in the story. Isekai anime primarily focuses on OP main characters, with numerous options to choose from. We decided to look at the top isekai anime that features the best overpowered main characters.

Top OP Main Characters in Isekai Anime

Isekai anime is a subgenre that focuses on characters with strong powers transported to other worlds, looking to complete a mission. Here are the five best Isekai anime with overpowered main characters in no particular order.

No Game No Life


Focused on siblings (Sora and Shiro) within the gaming world, their world is turned upside down when they open up a mysterious message from an unknown user. This soon leads them to a world called “Disboard,” where their lives essentially become one giant video game.

Trying to complete their task by uniting all 16 races of Disboard, they become overpowered in the process. It is fast-paced, extremely entertaining, and the perfect isekai anime for fans of video games and anime in general.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer


This isekai anime is all about Demon Lord Satan making his way to the actual physical world by using a dimension portal, and along with him is his partner in crime named Alsiel. Satan soon realizes that the Earth lacks his influence and power and concocts a plan to rise to the top of a corporation and rule over the land.

The anime makes Satan seem like a human in this isekai anime, and even though he loses his powers in the process, there are still OP traits throughout for the MC, shown by his influence. You’ll have to see precisely what we mean when you give this one a watch.



Yggdrasil, a virtual reality game, is about to be shut down, but the main character decides to stay behind and wait until the last minute before Yggdrasil is officially done. This leads to the player getting stuck in the body of an NPC and going by the name of Momonga.

While inside the game, Momonga uses his powers of the dark guild to command his loyal ones in search of what caused him to get stuck. Along the way, the protagonist shows how overpowered he can be, and the fact he is stuck in a video game brings the possibility of him being able to go outside the boundaries of the real world and becomes even more OP.

The Rising of the Shield Hero


As mentioned in this article’s introduction, an isekai anime is best when it focuses on an underdog story. This is precisely what happens in The Rising of the Shield Hero. A book transports the main character, Naofumi, to a different world, where he is challenged to take on the wave of catastrophe.

You will witness this underdog start as a weak individual and slowly rise to become the OP MC everyone loves to see. The underdog story is fantastic here, and it is an Isekai Anime that no fans should miss.

Saga of Tanya the Evil


This isekai anime focuses on one of the top salarymen in the world who gets reincarnated as a little girl in a different world. This world is in the middle of a war. Using the knowledge from the previous world, this salaryman takes what he knows and climbs to the military’s top while making sense of being transported. Viewers soon see this once-little girl become the most dangerous sorcerer in all the lands.

This is another example of an underdog story, where you see this little girl rise to become a powerful being. She uses these overpowered abilities upon her enemy and commands her empire to be the most dominant force in the war. It is fascinating to watch, and the powers look fantastic on screen.

- This article was updated on January 3rd, 2023

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