Can Denji Survive a Clash with Yoru in the Next Chapter of Chainsaw Man?

Next on the Adventures of Spinal Cord Sword Man!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering if Denji can survive a clash with Yoru in Chainsaw Man chapter 118? We were beginning to love the mini rom-com between Asa and Denji, and Denji asked out Asa for a second date (more on this later), but oh boy did the Cliffhanger Devil strike again. After finishing chapter 117, we were left with many unanswered questions and a scene that made us wonder about Denji’s fate in the manga. Here are all theories about Denji surviving a clash with Yoru in the next Chainsaw Man chapter.

Can Denji Survive a Clash with Yoru in the Next Chapter of Chainsaw Man?

In chapter 1, part 2 of the manga, we see Yoru turn her homeroom teacher into a spinal cord sword because he liked her. This was enough for Yoru to twist into thinking she owned him. The fact that Asa has feelings for her and Denji asked her on a second date should be enough for her to do the same with Denji.

The manga has already established on multiple occasions that hybrids can be immortal, which should, in theory, be valid for Denji as long as his devil heart survives. We can’t say we know if it will survive based on Your’s ability to form body parts at will. Or will Yoshida show up and save the day as he always does?

Will Denji survive, or will he become Yoru’s new weapon, and the manga be re-titled to Spinal Cord Sword Man (oof, that’s a mouthful)? Will Asa become the primary protagonist of the manga? We can see how fun the adventures of Yoru and Denji in spinal cord sword form could be entertaining, but let’s hope this isn’t the case.

Regardless, if Denji survives, chapter 117 has raised many death flags for him as a character, and he may not make it out of Part 2. Fujimoto has always been ahead of us and may have thought this through.

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- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023

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