Does [Spoiler] Die in One Piece? Explained

One Piece fans, rejoice!

by RJ Jacinto
Image: Toei Animation

After years of speculating, many fan theories, and one life-or-death request, we can now answer what happened to the cook of the Strawhat Pirates. It’s time to settle once and for all the age-old question, does Sanji die in One Piece?

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Did Sanji Really Die in One Piece?

Fans can take a breather because Vinsmoke Sanji is alive and kicking (pun intended) in the recent chapters of the One Piece manga. Unless the anime counterpart decides to kill Sanji, you’ll see more of the love-struck cook.

Black Leg Sanj’s fans were worried that Sanji would die due to a life-or-death request he made with Zoro. During his fight against Queen, one of the Animal Pirate’s All-stars, Sanji experienced something unusual on his body, hinting that the Enhancement Awakening is happening. This new body, however, comes with a cost. It activates the Vinsmoke DNA that makes someone almost invincible but will leave the user with a ruthless and cold-blooded heart.

Sanji thought he was becoming like his siblings and ran away from Queen. During their fight, Sanji took out his Raid Suit, and Queen was so excited to fight him using the Germa technology, but Sanji destroyed the suit and embraced his new body. 

Image: Toei Animation

Sanji felt his mind was berserk, so he used the transponder he snuck into Zoro and asked Zoro to kill him should he lose his mind. Zoro agrees and vows to kill him should he lose his mind.

In the end, Queen thought he could easily beat Sanji without his Raid Suit, but Sanji’s newfound power welcomed him. Next thing we knew, Queen’s unconscious body was seen flying out of Onigashima Island, and Sanji regained his body’s control. With Sanji being able to control his emotions, Zoro doesn’t need to fulfill his promise, and Sanji will live another day.

- This article was updated on December 12th, 2022

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