Marvel Fans Pitch Henry Cavill as Hyperion and Sentry for MCU: Which can he play next?

Hyperion or Sentry over Superman, What would Henry Cavill choose?

by Abhirup Sengupta
Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images, and Marvel Comics

Following the recent and official departure of Henry Cavill as Superman, DC fans finally realized that the DCEU is now dead. As DC Universe Co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran opt to reboot the cinematic universe with a fresh take on characters, devastated fans of Cavill have now dream-casted the British star in Marvel roles.

Amid a divisive uproar on Twitter, where the majority of the fandom cursed Gunn, only a mere handful praised him. With Cavill being out as both Superman and The Witcher‘s Geralt, almost most fans want the actor to foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe or get cast as James Bond. Notably, a legion of tweets demanded Marvel Studios hire The Witcher star as Sentry in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie.

MCU Fans Want Henry Cavill as Hyperion or Sentry

As soon as James Gunn announced Cavill’s departure as Superman and the actor confirmed the same, MCU fans jumped into the conversation with their demands to cast the 39-year-old in a Marvel role. While fans are pushing their tweets to manifest Cavill’s entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Britain, Mr. Fantastic, and Doctor Doom, the most wished character for him to portray appears to be Sentry or Hyperion.

Interestingly, in a recent report, entertainment scooper Daniel Richtman claimed that Marvel Studios is set to bring Sentry into the MCU fold as the antagonist in their upcoming Thunderbolts movie. This report possibly fuelled fans’ demand to pitch Henry Cavill as the overpowered character. Furthermore, Richtman claimed that Marvel Studios apparently have considered stars like Ryan Gosling or Alexander Skarsgård for the role. If true, the casting decision for Sentry is still in flux, thereby making it the perfect time for Cavill to throw his hat in the ring.

In the comics, Sentry, aka Robert Reynolds, was an addict who consumed the Golden Sentry Serum to get high. Like most serums in the Marvel universe, the Golden Sentry Serum was also an attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. However, the scientists who developed it created something far more powerful, giving Sentry abilities that quite possibly surpass that of even DC’s Superman.

To summarize, Sentry has the usual superhuman strength, heightened reflexes, extreme durability, super speed, and immortality. Additionally, the guy can manipulate molecules, fly, and project blasts of energy among a legion of other superpowers. In reference to his extreme invulnerability and powers in 2012’s Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #692, Mr. Fantastic considered Sentry to be an Omega-Level entity. Thus, having portrayed Superman in the DCEU, such an overpowered character like Sentry will be a cakewalk for Henry Cavill.

Furthermore, fans’ pitch for Cavill and Marvel holds more merit as he can portray the darker side of Sentry, considering his brief take on evil Superman in both versions of the Justice League movie. As per Sentry’s Marvel Comics storyline, the character has a Mr. Hyde-esque alter-ego known as “The Void.”

Henry Cavill Fancasted as Hyperion in MCU

In congruence with fans’ hope to see Cavill as Sentry, a plethora of tweets also wish for the British star to get cast as Hyperion. The character is basically Marvel’s version of Superman with pretty much the same origin story. Hyperion, aka Marcus Milton (adopted name), was sent to Earth to seek refuge after the destruction of his world.

Though initially, Hyperion was a threat to Marvel heroes during his stint with Squadron Sinister, alternate reality versions of the character walked the heroic path. Marvel also gave the guy his own Justice League-inspired group of heroes called Squadron Supreme.

With the pain of losing Cavill as Superman still fresh on everyone’s mind, it remains to be seen whether Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige rushes to phone the actor’s talent agent, Dany Garcia. However, Cavill’s entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe would also depend on his interest and the scope of such roles. If Cavill receives such a proposition from Feige, Sentry would be a better choice than Hyperion.

- This article was updated on December 16th, 2022