How to Get Henry Cavill’s Armor in The Witcher 3

Feel like a part of the show!

by Christian Bognar

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Update is here with fantastic graphics and an inspired Netflix mission and armor. Henry Cavill, the star of the Netflix series, wears an all-black armor set on the show and has been a fan favorite since it was presented to the audience. Fans can bring that armor set into the game by unlocking it through the Netflix-inspired side quest. If you want to unlock this armor as soon as possible, keep reading for details on where to find this mission so you can unlock this armor as a reward.

Where to Find Henry Cavill’s Armor in The Witcher 3

To find this mission, you must finish the prologue at the beginning of the game, which shouldn’t take too long, especially if you decide to skip the cutscenes. Once you get that out of the way, you will need to adventure to a familiar area called Devils Pit. The image below shows you the exact location of Devil’s Pit.


Look for a distressed man at this location and speak to him. Exhaust his dialogue to the point where you can tell him you are willing to help him, and the mission “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow” will start. Continue through the cave previously inaccessible in the game until this update, and clear out the level 9 bandits. Use your witcher senses to find all the necessary clues, and continue through the quest line following your marker.

Find Letters of Reinald

Your goal is to find letters from an individual named Reinald. Along the way, you will deal with some plagued victims, which can be pretty challenging if you don’t have the right items. It is wise to use a thunderbolt to deal severe damage upon them, and Quen as regularly as you can for protection. These letters aren’t complicated to find; use your Witcher senses as you continue down the area, and you will come across all four of them.

Defeat Red Miasmal

Continue following the path and stairs until you reach an area where you will fight a boss named Red Miasmal. Just like the enemies along the way, make sure you use proper items to boost Geralt stats and weaken the boss. Once it is defeated, a cutscene will appear, notifying you that you have won. Speak to the ghost of the boss after the fight, and he will inform you about armor diagrams for his armor set.

Once you have completed the mission, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to craft the armor set once you reach level 20. You will need to find enhanced diagrams, and you can unlock them after heading to Kaer Morhen and finding Osmund’s notes.

Congratulations, now that you have completed the Netflix mission and can now acquire the Henry Cavill armor set, make sure you fully understand the new quick-casting combat system. It makes the whole combat feel less clunky, and we showed our love for it in our perfect score review, along with other vital points, so give that a read as well!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen Update is available now for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 14th, 2022

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