10 Most Pirated Shows of 2022

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by Gabriel Rodrigues

Even with several different streaming options, piracy remains strong. MUSO revealed the top 10 most pirated shows of 2022, and, to the surprise of many, most of them are anime. None of them are in the lead, but shows like Chainsaw Man and SPY X FAMILY gathered an extensive fanbase and made it to the 2022 list.

Most Pirated TV Series in 2022

House of Dragon, one of the biggest series in HBO Max, leads the list of most pirated shows of 2022; that means there’s a great chance The Last of Us will be part of the 2023 list, despite its accessibility. However, most series on the list are only available on niche platforms, like Running Man Season 1, or are released earlier on piracy websites.

Let’s check out the list, and discuss a bit more some of the shows.

  • 10. The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2
  • 9. SPY X FAMILY Season 1
  • 8. The Rings of Power Season 1
  • 7. The Eminence in Shadow Season 1
  • 6. Bleach Season 1

5. Moon Knight Season 1

Disney Plus’ Moon Knight might be a surprise for some, but the streaming service lost a huge amount of subscribers, possibly explaining why the show was one of the most pirated of the year instead of having a massive quantity of streams. A growing tiredness toward the MCU can be another reason for the situation.

4. Rick and Morty Season 6

The latest season of Rick and Morty has yet to arrive on SVOD platforms, making piracy the easiest form to watch it. Despite these numbers and recent problems with the cartoon, the show will continue for more seasons.

3. Running Man Season 1

Running Man is a South Korean variety show that started airing in 2010. The cast participates in a series of crazy challenges to win one continuous race. Part of its popularity is thanks to the members’ chemistry and the guest participants, who many times are from popular groups like Blackpink, Red Velvet, and BTS. It’s available on Kocowa and Viki.

2. Chainsaw Man Season 1

The biggest anime of 2022. Chainsaw Man follows Denji, a young boy forced to hunt devils to pay his father’s debt. He becomes friends with Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, but the cute demon sacrifices himself for Denji when they are killed by another Devil. Now being one with Pochita, Denji is the Chainsaw Man and works for Special Division 4 as a Devil Hunter. There’s no confirmation, but the anime will likely receive a second season.

1. House of the Dragon Season 1

House of the Dragon is a fantasy drama created by George R. R. Martin and Ryan Condal and a prequel to Game of Thrones. It’s set about 100 years after the Seven Kingdoms united by the Targaryen Conquest and tells the story of the “Dance of the Dragons,” which caused the decline of House Targaryen.

- This article was updated on February 9th, 2023