Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Recap, Spoilers, and Where to Watch

This arc features an incoming stellar supporting character!

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Recap Spoilers
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Oshi no Ko continues introducing new characters and pushing Aqua and Ruby into new directions as the season approaches its middle point. They’ve befriended Kana Arima years after she worked with Aqua on the same movie that Ai Hoshino starred in. But now, with reality dating shows and new idol groups entering the mix, the show will take exciting and deep new turns for everyone involved. Read on for my recap of Oshi no Ko episode 5, but be warned, spoilers are ahead!

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Recap and Impressions

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 could get a lengthy recap, but instead, I’ll jump right to the most interesting new introductions:

  • Aqua begins his turn on a reality dating show in exchange for more insider information on the people Ai interacted with, including possible past romantic partners.
  • Aqua proves surprisingly charming in his role on set, to the dismay of Kana who has developed a crush on him.
  • Among his other cast members, he is introduced to several charismatic members of the entertainment industry, but the most important one to remember is Akane Kurokawa.
  • Kana is persuaded and manipulated by Aqua to join Ruby’s budding idol group.
  • Pieyon, the fitness YouTuber is introduced as a collaboration partner to build Ruby and Kana’s online profile as they market their idol group.

There’s a lot to say about how I felt about this episode, from Kana’s unfortunate affections toward Aqua despite his agenda, to the scene-stealing debut of Pieyon. Pieyon is an outlandishly fit YouTuber who wears a mask as part of his persona, along with an over-the-top high-pitched voice while he spits wisdom and sage advice as an online influencer.

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The episode is bizarre, savvy, and totally in line with how intelligent many online personalities truly are. But if the show continues along the same pace as it’s been going, we’re in for a heavy Episode 6. Along with a spoiler warning, I’m going to issue a trigger warning, as the next episode will deal with suicide, and potentially tie in with its real-life influence.

Oshi no Ko Episode 6 Spoilers and Real-Life Inspiration

Oshi no Ko as a series likes to dance along the lines of comedy and tragedy as expertly as one might expect from such an acclaimed drama series, with our recap of Episode 5 reading in certainly a more humorous tone. In Episode 6, with it adapting the events of the manga’s Chapters 23-25, we’ll see a dark turn of events as Aqua’s costar, Akane Kurokawa, takes drastic action on camera by slapping a co-star, as part of a bid to stand out in her part on the show.

This arc is inspired by the real-life story of Hana Kimura, who was on Netflix’s Terrace House: Tokyo. Hana was a pro wrestler in Japan who had amassed many fans, but her time on the show was met with controversy during a similarly staged moment where she knocks a co-star’s hat off his head in anger after he ruined her wrestling outfit. This story is outlined well in its parallels with the manga by YouTuber Blaz3r, in the video below:

The ensuing cyber-bullying and racist abuse from the show’s viewers sent her into a spiral of self-harm until she started posting increasingly dark statements and, ultimately, telegraphed her suicide.

Tying back into the show, Akane will undergo a similar path, feeling a cruel torment from the show’s viewers as she withdraws, and prepares to take her life. Fortunately, in this series, Aqua has the foresight to prevent this from happening and rescues her from the brink in a dramatic sequence at the end of Chapter 25.

Images: Shueisha, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

But for many people looking to make a living in the public realm, this form of rescue is not nearly common enough. Fandom culture can often be cruel and incredibly poisonous to those looking to make a name for themselves, and it’s a lesson far too many have learned the hard way.

Where Can I Watch the Oshi no Ko Anime and Read the Manga?

Oshi no Ko is available to stream exclusively on HIDIVE and airs new episodes weekly on Wednesdays. You can also read the manga through the Manga Plus app or via physical copies distributed by Yen Press.

- This article was updated on May 10th, 2023

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