Spy x Family Chapter 79 Release Date and Spoilers: Incoming Mission for Twilight

Will Loid take on an extra mission soon?

by J.R. Waugh
Spy x Family Chapter 79 Release
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Spy x Family continues this weekend with Agent Twilight’s mission to protect the peace between Westalis and Ostania. Despite the story going multiple chapters since the last high-intensity arc with the Red Circus, readers are eager to know where Loid and the Forgers will end up next. In chapter 78, it looks like we’re finally given a tease at where the story could go, with possibly multiple horizons. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of Spy x Family chapter 79, and be wary of spoilers!

Spy x Family Chapter 79 Release Date

Spy x Family chapter 79 will release on Sunday, April 30, 2023, at 8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST. This information can be confirmed by the Viz Media Spy x Family portal and the Shonen Jump manga reader app. If you read the original Japanese release, you’ll even see on the final page that it’s slated for a May 1, 2023 release date (12:00 AM JST) meaning a worldwide simultaneous release. The series typically follows this as part of a biweekly release schedule for Spy x Family chapters, with chapter 79 being no exception.

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If you want to know when you can read the upcoming chapter but live in a different time zone, we’ve included this handy release guide below for when you can expect the chapter to drop!

  • Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver) — 8:00 AM PST
  • Central Time (Chicago, Regina) — 10:00 AM CST
  • Eastern Time (New York, Toronto) — 11:00 AM EST
  • Atlantic Time (Halifax, Fredericton) — 12:00 PM AST
  • Brazil (Brasília Time) — 12:00PM BST
  • UK and Ireland — 4:00 PM GMT
  • Europe — 5:00 PM CEST
  • Moscow — 6:00 PM MSK
  • India — 8:30 PM IST
  • Vietnam and Thailand — 10:00 PM ICT
  • Philippines — 11:00 PM PHT

Before this release, however, is a charming chapter that could be reasonably construed as filler, but also as some interesting development for the supporting cast in the series. If you haven’t read Spy x Family chapter 78, be careful, spoilers are ahead!

Spy x Family Chapter 79 Plot and Chapter 78 Spoilers

In the latest chapter, we see Sylvia Sherwood, Twilight’s handler, and a glimpse at her home life. She lives a quiet existence, in an increasingly dilapidated home filled with fading, happy memories of her past and family. Curiously, she has adopted a German Shepherd she has named Aaron, the very same dog used in the assassination plot against Minister Brantz (in season 1 of the anime!) She goes to walk the dog as a cover for meeting with Twilight, aka Loid.

Loid brings Anya along with Bond, their dog, to the park as a mutual cover with Sylvia. While they quickly exchange pleasantries, and even a secret mission briefing with a tease of an extra mission, the rest of the chapter is full of charming antics where the group pits their dogs against one another in friendly competition.

Bond stumbles to a stalemate with Aaron, with Anya appreciating the time spent with Sylvia. However, throughout the chapter, there are discussions of what comes next, including whether Loid can turn Melinda Desmond. It seems clear that this could be a potential avenue, hinted through his expertise in psychiatry, but for now, we must wait for another 2 weeks.

Will There Be an Extra Mission, 78.1 Coming for Spy x Family?

Images: Pierrot, Shueisha, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

While this could be a red herring to provoke discussion, page 9 of Spy x Family chapter 78 hints at an extra mission on top of Loid’s efforts to get in with the Desmond family. Concealed in Aaron’s dog collar is a small slip of paper or microfilm with details of the given mission.

Update: Spy x Family Chapter 78.1 released on April 16, 2023, with Anya Forger and Damian Desmond spending time together, and wildly varying opinions on the Space Race. In a clear reference to the Cold War Space Race between the US and the USSR, and even pokes fun at the notion of more accessible space travel in the future. It’s a brief 2-pager with an illustration, but a fun one, and we’ll see Chapter 79 at the end of the month.

- This article was updated on April 16th, 2023

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