The Last of Us: How Much of the Game Will be Covered in Season One?

Season One seeks to cover a lot of content!

by Gordon Bicker
Image: HBO

The Last of Us is taking the world by storm in the form of its TV series which is gaining a lot of traction consistently. Based on the events of the games, there are a lot of moments that people are hoping will be in the actual TV series throughout different episodes. Of course, among the hopes of viewers, there are also many questions that fans would like answered. One of these is how much of the game will be covered in season one of The Last of Us throughout its duration. This article will answer that question for you and give you all the details that you need to know.

Game Coverage in Season One of The Last of Us

It has been confirmed that the first season of the TV show will take viewers through the entire events of the first game. This, of course, may have a lot of variation in certain segments but the start and the end point of the TV show should be fairly similar to what happens in the actual game. Many are overjoyed at this fact as they will get to feel the nostalgia rush back to them as they are going through the show.

It will be interesting to see if the giraffe scene makes an appearance in the series as this was a moment that was adored by many for players of the first game.

Will We Ever Get To See the Events Between the First and Second Game?

The gap between the first Last of Us and Part II was always a point of discussion for fans of the game series as we only got to see snippets of what occurred between the two games. Since the first season of the TV show will be taking us through the events of the first game, there may be a possibility that if there was another season it could showcase more of these events.

Whether you are a fan of the Fireflies as you are watching, or just simply enjoying all of the various unique and interesting characters, there are a lot of moments to appreciate and watch.

The Last of Us had its premiere on January 15, 2023 on HBO and it will air weekly each Sunday. It can also be viewed on Sky Atlantic or Crave.

- This article was updated on January 16th, 2023

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