Top 5 Moments From The Last of Us Game That Needs to Be in the Show

From game to tv screen.

by Noah Nelson

Though we have heard that The Last of Us will stay true to telling the authentic story told in the game, we’ve also heard that there will be radical changes and new characters. Whatever your opinion on The Last of Us altering the original story told through the game, we at least hope these top five moments from the game make it to the screen.

Fair warning, there will be some spoilers in this article for those who haven’t played The Last of Us Part 1. Without further adieu, here are the top five moments that we hope are in The Last of Us show.


Joel’s Opening Scene with Sarah

If you’ve played the game, or have even heard people talk about the game, you know the scene. As one of the most effective opening scenes in all of video game writing, the final scene where Joel watches her daughter Sarah die in his arms is still one of the most emotional moments in all of gaming.

In one way or another, we hope we get this moment in The Last of Us tv show. On the one hand, we would be content if they didn’t try to recreate it since it is such a powerful scene, but on the other, this scene would be amazing with a big budget and amazing actors.


Sam and Henry

We know that Sam and Henry will be in The Last of Us show since we know the entire cast. That said, the scene where Sam turns and Henry kills his brother and then himself is an extremely sad scene that would be powerful in a TV show.

Like many of the most powerful and memorable moments in The Last of Us, this scene is sad, surreal, touching, and filled with humanity. though Naughty Dog was able to capture all of this in a video game, we hope it will translate to the screen.


Ellie and Joel’s Scene After She Runs Away

One of my all-time favorite scenes in video game storytelling is the one where Ellie and Joel have a heart-to-heart after she runs away before Joel can hand her off to Tommy. In the little girl’s room, Ellie puts her trust in Joel and Joel, in return, has a change of heart.

I’m torn on if I want the exact same lines that were in the game in the tv show like Ellie saying, “the truth is I would just be more scared,” and Joel saying, “Ellie, you are treading on some mighty thin ice here.” Whether they do or don’t put those lines in, the game will always be amazing and hopefully, the show will do this scene justice.


The Giraffe Scene

Arguably the most calm The Last of Us has ever been is seen in the scene with the giraffe. Near the end of the game, just before the final hospital arc, Ellie and Joel have an up-close encounter with a giraffe that is grazing. Though this scene isn’t extremely important, it is one that offers a lot of beauty in an all-to-ugly world. It shows an Ellie that is curious and trusting if a bit naive and a Joel who can let his guard down.

Since this scene serves as a beautiful and essential story beat for the game, we wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t end up in the tv show. That said, it is an amazing scene and we would love to see it captured in the show.


Ellie’s “Okay”

Lastly, the scene that we think needs to be in the show is Ellie’s final “Okay” to Joel. After Joel saves an unconscious Ellie from the hospital, killing dozens of people which puts into motion the events of The Last of Us Part 2, Ellie makes Joel swear that everything he told her about the Fireflies is true which includes his lie about the Fireflies failing to get the cure from other immune people like Ellie.

As with every other scene in this list, we aren’t sure if we would rather the tv show do it exactly like the game because it might detract from it if it didn’t live up to how the game did it or if we would prefer if the show would capture the same energy of the scene but deliver it in a different way. However they decide to do it, we can’t wait to watch all episodes of The Last of Us season 1.

Though there are other great scenes from the game we would love to see get adapted to The Last of Us tv show, these are our top five that we would pick. What scenes do you want to see in The Last of Us show? We’ll keep you updated with the latest The Last of Us show content from now until it premiers.

The Last of Us will air in 2023 exclusively on HBO and HBO Max.

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