The Oshi no Ko Live-Action Pieyon Workout Video is Better than the Things You Love

Oshi no Ko gives us what we want with a new Pieyon video!

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Pieyon YouTube
Image: TV Anime [Oshi no Ko] Official Channel

Oshi no Ko is already the best anime of the season with a stellar manga still going on. It’s a series that inherently understands its fandom because it is a constant, warts-and-all examination of the entertainment industry. But when the series introduced viewers to the anime debut of Pieyon, people fell in love with the bizarre strongman with a massive (fictional) YouTube following. Well, fictional no more, as Pieyon has appeared to make a collab once more, with a fascinating special guest. The Oshi no Ko YouTube channel has released a live-action Pieyon workout video and it’s better than the things you love.

Pieyon Stars in Oshi no Ko YouTube Workout Video with Ruby Hoshino Voice Actress

We’ve done it, we’ve reached the peak, there is nothing else to live for as Oshi no Ko fans, as Pieyon has crossed the threshold not only from manga to anime but now into the physical realm. It’s bizarre seeing him so readily lift his mask compared to in the series (unless you consider the time Aqua used the mask to bamboozle Kana) but it’s…perfection.

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The music is identical, the choreography matches, and in true Pieyon fashion, a newcomer enters the fray. It’s Yurie Igoma, who voices Ruby Hoshino, mimicking the workout video “Pieyon Boot Dance” her character does in Episode 5 / Chapter 22. While nobody collapses in a heap from exhaustion, that was never the point. The point was to get fit (and probably get a bunch of clicks.)

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With live-action content like this from people involved in the anime, it makes you wonder what comes next. Maybe a special rendition of the stage play? Also, why does Yurie Igoma wear what appears to be an outfit straight out of Bocchi the Rock?

Pieyon was quickly one of my favorite side characters of the manga, so seeing him so lovingly brought to goofy, muscular life, speedo, chicken mask, and all was truly special. Oshi no Ko simply cannot be stopped.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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