Where Can You Watch the Record of Ragnarok Anime Online?

If you're looking to stream this hit anime, you're in luck!

by J.R. Waugh
Record of Ragnarok Anime Online
Image: Graphinica

Record of Ragnarok is a crazy seinen manga and anime series depicting a different version of the apocalyptic mythological battle. It’s a tournament where man’s greatest minds and powers are pitted against the might of the Gods themselves. Jack the Ripper, Nikola Tesla, and Adam from the book of Genesis fight against enemies like Heracles, Beelzebub, and Zeus. But to get into this epic clash, you’ll want to know where to look to stream the Record of Ragnarok anime online.

Record of Ragnarok: Where Can You Stream the Anime Online?

Record of Ragnarok is on Netflix, available in the US and internationally through the streaming app. This is a rarity for it to be readily available on one streaming platform these days, so take advantage!

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The series has 2 seasons currently available, leading into the end of Round 5 with Shiva against Raiden Tameemon. Season 1 is 12 episodes while season 2 has 10, with each one typically under 30 minutes in length.

What’s Next for the Record of Ragnarok Anime?

While the series has yet to catch up with the plot of the Record of Ragnarok manga, the anime is seeing the Gods with the lead over the humans. The next fight is Zerofuku for the Gods vs. Buddha for Mankind. It has to catch up on the other 3 rounds currently covered by the manga, with the latest being an epic clash between Beelzebub and Nikola Tesla.

The Gods have been continuously impressed by the tenacity of the humans, but their hubris lives on, and for a good reason. When the humans win, it’s often a big upset, to the shock of the contestants and audience alike, but every fight is a showstopper. It might feel like a bizarre fanfiction fever dream, and in many ways, it is one, but one from which we don’t want to wake up.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023