Where was HBO Max’s ‘Love and Death’ Filmed?

Was Love and Death filmed in the same suburb the murder it retells happened in?

by Drew Kopp
Image: The Hollywood Reporter

HBO Max’s Love and Death is a dramatic retelling of the true story of Texan housewife Candace Lyn “Candy” Montgomery, who supposedly killed her neighbor and friend Betty Gore in 1980. Gore’s murder and Candy’s subsequent trial rocked the quiet Texas town of Wylie, and Love and Death‘s production team went to incredible lengths to recreate the Dallas suburb where the shocking events unfolded. For curious fans of true crime, here are Love and Death’s filming locations.

Where was Love and Death filmed?

Image: Lionsgate Television

By the time HBO Max began producing Love and Death in late 2021, the city of Wylie had traded the idyllic suburban aesthetic that had defined it at the time of the Cany Montgomery case for a much more modern look. Fortunately, many other cities in Texas still possess that iconic 1980s vibe, particularly the area surrounding Austin. To recreate Wylie as it had been in the 1980s, the production team shot scenes in Kerrville, Lockhart, Georgetown, Sequin, Smithville, and several other small towns in the Austin area.

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Scenes filmed off-location, particularly scenes set within the Montgomery family home, were shot in a sound stage in Kylie. To construct this set, the production team studied the look and feel of the areas they visited to recreate the residence where the Montgomery family lived.

Love and Death stars Elizabeth Orsen as Candy Montgomery, fresh off her successful stint as the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The true-crime mini-series also stars Lily Rabe as Montgomery’s supposed victim Betty Gore and Jesse Plemons as Gore’s husband and Montgomery’s extramarital partner Allan. The first three episodes of the mini-series were released simultaneously on April 27th. 2023, with more episodes airing every week until May 25th.

- This article was updated on April 28th, 2023

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