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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time, Milestones, Challenges, and Rewards

| October 11, 2017

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time, Milestones, Challenges, and Rewards GameGuides Games  Destiny 2 Guides Destiny 2

Like the original Destiny, Destiny 2 will once again dole out both daily and weekly challenges to its players.  While daily challenges are far less rewarding in terms of the loot you’ll get from them, they’re something to do while you’re waiting for the weekly reset to roll around.  A lot of different activities will be tied to this weekly reset, and you’ll be able to complete them once per week to get the high-level gear and rewards.

If you’re looking to get the most powerful character and items in the game, you’ll need to play by Bungie’s rules, making sure that you complete all of the daily and weekly challenges before they expire.  One of the most important weekly resets is the Nightfall Strike.  Outside of the Raid, this should provide players with the best chance for high-level loot upon first completion.  Each week the Strike changes and adds new modifiers to it that make it more difficult than a normal Strike.  The Nightfall Strike has both a Normal mode and a Prestige mode.

Destiny 2 Daily Reset Time

The daily reset time for different challenges in Destiny 2, which Bungie is calling Daily Rituals, is at 2AM PT during Daylight Savings Time and 1AM PT for the rest of the year.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time

The Destiny Weekly Reset will happen at the same time (2AM PT during DST and 1AM PT the rest of the year) as the daily reset, but on every Tuesday it will impact things like the Nightfall Strike, Meditations, and of course, the Raid once it finally goes live.  During the weekly reset new Milestones will also be refreshed.  This can include things like weekly Challenges, Crucible Call to Arms, Flashpoints, Clan XP caps, and more.

Xur does not come during the weekly reset.  For information about this mysterious vendor, head here. 

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for 10/10/2017

The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for 10/10/17 includes:

  • Nightfall Strike: The Inverted Spire – Modifiers:  Attrition (No health regeneration only Well of Light) , Timewarp: Killing Time (Kill enemies to increase)
  • Flashpoint: Nessus
  • Call to Arms Crucible Weekly
  • Clan XP Weekly
  • Cayde-6 Treasure Map (Nessus)
  • Ikora Meditations (Combustion, Chosen, Hope)
  • New Raid Rotation:  Baths, Gauntlet, Dogs, Calus
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