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Black Ops 4 How to Get Ray Gun in Blackout

One of the most powerful weapons in the game isn't that hard to come by.

by William Schwartz


The Ray Gun is one of the most powerful close quarters weapons in Call of Duty Blackout. The Ray Gun is one of the weapons that carries over from Call of Duty Zombies into the Blackout Mode, along with some others that you’ll uncover by focusing on the Zombie infested areas of the Blackout Map.

Where do you get the Ray Gun?

In Mystery Boxes or from killing zombies

Where are the Zombies in Blackout?

The blue light beams will point out zombie locations.

The zombies will be easy to find if you know where to look. Just look for the blue beams of light on the Blackout map. These will point you to locations of Mystery Box Zombies Caches which feature powerful weapons and items. The catch is you’re going to have to contend with Zombie enemies as well as any human enemies if you’re going to snag any of the Zombies Weapons in Blackout.

The Ray Gun can drop as a random drop when killing A.I. zombies, or it can drop if you make it to the mystery box and open it up. The mystery box won’t always drop the Ray Gun, nor will a batch of zombies drop the item. It’s going to be completely random, but you will not find the Ray Gun in random drops around the map, you’ll need to pick it up in a zombies location or from a zombie cache.

Once you’ve got the Ray Gun, it’s important to note that it does have very little ammunition. It’s also more of a short range weapon that can be devastating when close-up. Things get a little bit more difficult at distance with the weapon.

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