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How to Catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO

by Kyle Hanson


Legendary Pokemon are finally here in Pokemon Go. These elusive creatures have been one of the most highly anticipated features since the game arrived over a year ago, and at Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago players will have their first chance at fighting and catching their first legendary, with players around the world getting their chance later on. So, with these powerful creatures showing up finally, the question remains, how do you catch them? Here’s our guide on how to catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go, which will be updated later as we learn more.

Thankfully, Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go aren’t doing much that’s all that different than other powerful creatures. They won’t appear in the wild though, so don’t expect to stumble across a Mewtwo or Zapdos while out for your morning run. Instead they can only be found as part of a Legendary Raid.

If you’ve been keeping up with Pokemon Go then you’ve seen Raids at gyms lately. First an egg appears atop a gym, indicating when players need to be ready, then it hatches and a super powered Pokemon is there for all players to fight. Team up to take down the more powerful ones and you’ll earn rewards. These include Premier Balls, which can then be used to catch the Pokemon you just defeated.

Legendary Pokemon will work the same way in Pokemon Go. Watch for a special egg to appear in a nearby gym, then be ready when it hatches. You’ll have a set amount of time to beat the Pokemon, and you’ll need a Raid Pass just to enter the battle. These can be earned by spinning Pokestops at gyms.

Work together to defeat whatever Legendary Pokemon spawns and you’ll have a chance to catch it. And so far that’s all we know about how to catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. These events will be ramping up throughout the year, so come back for more as we learn it.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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