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Pokemon Go Guide: How to get an EX Raid Pass for Mewtwo

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go players are currently frantically trying to catch every legendary Pokemon that they can. Of course, these rare creatures don’t just pop up anywhere in the world, they appear as part of raids, which require teamwork and, more importantly, a raid pass. Mewtwo is even more special though, requiring an exclusive invite to participate in the raid, which also requires a special EX Raid Pass, which will arrive alongside the invite. So, with the first Mewtwo raids beginning, here’s all we know about how to get an EX Raid Pass for Mewtwo.

Currently Niantic is testing this process, so only very select gyms are even hosting Mewtwo raids. The first is in Bellevue, Washington at the infamous Water, Precious Water gym. Any player that completed a raid at this gym over the last few days has a chance of receiving an invite to the Mewtwo raid that will take place there on September 7th (this info may be out of date, of course).

But what about you? How do you get an EX Raid Pass of your own? Well, the process is still being fine tuned, apparently. However, there is one way to increase your odds. Do as many raids as possible at as many gyms as possible. EX Raid Pass invites for Mewtwo are selected based on who has completed raids at the gym before, so if you always raid at the same gym, you can only get one if that gym is selected.

We also don’t know the span of time when you’ll be eligible, so don’t neglect your home gyms. Be sure to hit them every few days to make sure you’re in the running if one of them gets picked. Still, you’ll want to hit more out of the way gyms to make sure you are a part of the fun once the Mewtwo raid hits another gym.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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