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Splatoon 2 Guide: How to Use Specials

by Kyle Hanson


Splatoon 2, like its Wii U predecessor, is all about covering the map with your ink. To do this you have your main weapon, but you also have a sub weapon or special. This charges as you play the game and can be used to unleash massive amounts of ink, either covering the map, or eliminating enemies. Some of these can be a bit confusion, so we’re gonna go through and break them down a bit. If you still have any questions regarding how to use specials in Splatoon 2 be sure to put them in the comments.

Before we get into individual weapons, here’s how to use specials in Splatoon 2 in general. No matter what special weapon you have chosen it charges by earning points. This means covering the map in ink, making sure to focus on areas that aren’t already covered, or even better, areas that are covered in enemy ink. Do this and you’ll charge up your special, which can be done faster if you pick gear with that ability.

Once it’s ready, marked by a flash and chime and a full gauge in the top left, you can activate whatever special weapon you have by pressing down on the left thumbstick. This will do different things depending on which weapon you’ve picked.

Now, here are the specials, and a quick rundown on how to use them.

Tenta Missiles – These lock onto enemies no matter where they are. Missiles then fire out and rain from the sky. Be sure to target as many enemies as possible to maximize the ink coverage.
Sting Ray – This fires a focused beam of ink. Hold the right trigger and aim at anything you want to cover or destroy.
Inkjet – A jetpack made with ink, this will raise you up and let you fire globs of ink down below.
Splashdown – Covering the nearby area in ink, this special has you jump up, charge, then slam back down. Good for clearing or covering areas with your ink.
Ink Armor – This covers you and all your teammates with some armor that will negate a few shots from enemies. Use immediately to start your recharge faster.
Bomb Launcher – Lets you toss out tons of bombs. Get to a good spot, use it, and throw as many as possible while you can.
Ink Storm – This creates a storm cloud that will rain ink around the map. Use it in a good spot then let it do its work.
Baller – Your Inkling will hop into a ball that gives them extra protection and the ability to roll around and cover the map in ink. When you need to exit just hold the trigger to explode with some ink.
Bubble Blower – Blow three bubbles that will grow and shrink depending on the area. After a while they’ll all explode spreading ink.

And that’s it for how to use specials in Splatoon 2. Let us know if we didn’t cover anything, or if you have any questions.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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