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Splatoon 2 Guide: What do Amiibo Unlock

by Kyle Hanson


Splatoon had some very deep amiibo integration, with the collectible figures not only unlocking gear but also adding some extra challenges to play through. Its sequel, Splatoon 2 doesn’t go quite as far, instead just having the figures unlock gear without the special levels. This is great for those who can’t get the often tough to find toys, while still giving owners something cool to unlock. To help you decide if any are worth hunting down we have a list of what items amiibo unlock in Splatoon 2.

As of this guide’s writing we’re still waiting to receive the latest selection of amiibo. So far we’ve only been able to test out the figures that were released for the original Splatoon. These include the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, Squid, and Callie & Marie dual pack. We can’t talk about those last two just yet, so let’s go over what the original set of three unlock.

It seems that Nintendo is sticking with the items that were offered in the first Splatoon. The Inkling Boy unlocks the Samurai Helmet, the Inkling Girl unlocks the Squid Hairclip, and the Squid unlocks the Power Helmet. More items are available in the sets and we’re testing to see if multiple uses of the amiibo will unlock them. If you have both color sets of these figures just know that they will not unlock different things.

Callie and Marie will also work with the game, along with an all new series of amiibo that will arrive alongside the game. Check back soon for updates on all of these figures and what they will unlock in Splatoon 2.

It’s also important to note that all Splatoon amiibo will let you save your gear and controls for use on other player’s games. They also allow you to take photos with the character featured.

Splatoon 2 hits Nintendo Switch on July 21st.

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