How Much Do Streamers Make on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming, Compared? Where to Make the Most Money as a Streamer

Planning to get started as a streamer?

by Gordon Bicker


Streamers have been happily working away by sharing their experiences and personality with the world for many years. Some streamers are just starting up and others have been in the game for numerous years. Hopefully, for those focusing on streaming through Twitch, they won’t have to work out how to fix the Twitch Internal Service Error 500 too often as that can be a lot to deal with for anyone. Of course, there are a lot of technicalities that streamers will have to get to grips with. From schedules to background work, there is much more to the role than just pressing a button and streaming. Many still wonder where to make the most money as a streamer and this article will give you some general information about that. We will look at the key places which are Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.

Best Place to Make the Most Money As a Streamer

The upfront answer to this question is there is no guarantee of making more money on a certain platform than on another. However, it has been observed that streamers tend to and at least are thought to make more money on Twitch than in other places. There is a slight caveat to this, though. After the recent 50/50 revenue split announcement, it could quickly change. There are many sources that explain how much money streamers make on Twitch, although there is no definite answer as a lot of the information is confidential. It isn’t generally known to the general public apart from the company and streamers themselves.

Average Streamer Income for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming

Instead of focusing on the highest earnings of each platform that has been documented, we will focus on the average streamer income which will give you a jumping-off point for knowing where to start your streaming business from. It is meant to be a realistic look at the cash flow and not massively exaggerated. Listed below in the table are the general estimates of the income for an average streamer per month on each platform.

Platform Estimated Money Earned Per Month for the Average Streamer (50 Viewers)
Twitch  $150-$350
YouTube $21-$170
Facebook Gaming $90-$300

As can be observed, the estimated values vary quite a bit. For the YouTube calculation, we considered that the streamer would get around $16-$18 in cash for every 1000 (ad) views. Looking at the basis of one stream per day, this was where the figures came from. There is some room and leeway for Patreon donations or channel memberships which is where the higher end of the figure arrived from. There is still no absolute concrete answer for which platform will make you the most money as a streamer but Twitch certainly still cements itself as one of the best thanks to subscribers, bits, and more. Facebook Gaming also has been rising the ranks quickly over the years.

On the note of Twitch, there has been a massive rise of VTubers after people found out how to create a VTuber avatar for streaming, so there may be a particular new angle or opportunity that you can think of to make your stream stand out from the rest.

- This article was updated on September 30th, 2022

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