How to Make a VTuber Avatar

Check out some of these options to get you started with your very own VTuber avatar!

by J.R. Waugh


VTubers have become a globally popular way for content creators to express themselves online, providing accessibility and freedom to express their identity and passions or preserve their privacy. VTubers are essentially video content creators who use virtual avatars which mimic their movements and are often custom designs, and since its creation as a concept in 2011, these creators have grown in number to over 10,000 and counting. But those seeking a way to get into the game might wonder how easy it is to make their avatar and use it for streaming or creative efforts. Read on for our guide on How to Make a VTuber Avatar!

How to Make a VTuber Avatar

To make a VTuber avatar, you will want software capable of creating it, so we recommend something beginner-friendly and free like VRoid Studio. If you’re looking to make a more distinctly anime-inspired VTuber avatar, you’ll want to consider this app in particular, where you can build your character from scratch, or use a community-designed preset to customize from there. VRoid Studio has a great degree of customization, and if you’re seeking inspiration, a foundation of a character to customize further, or want to represent yourself as your favorite anime character, there are plenty of presets available.

The best part about VRoid Studio? It’s free, and you can download it through Steam. You can then export the .vrm file or upload it to VRoid Hub for yourself and others to use as your own personalized VTuber. And using it is simple, as you can then quickly import it into software such as VSeeFace which allows you to hook the avatar to facial tracking, remove the background, and seamlessly integrate it into your OBS. VSeeFace even includes a built-in tutorial for first-timers looking to put their avatar on their streams, which is incredibly thoughtful! This is one of the most user-friendly, accommodating services for getting fledgling VTubers onto YouTube or Twitch.

Alternative VTuber Creator Options


Another option is Animaze. This software features a more realistic range of facial motion capture and has some pretty outlandish base options you can choose from, while the avatar creation is rather simple. You can create your avatar through the site Ready Player Me, with the creative process as easy as posing for a webcam pic, which generates a personalized avatar, and gives you the freedom to make small tweaks after that. You can then download the .glb file to use in Animaze, however, the use of NFTs in this software might be a turn-off for some.

Take any of these options into consideration for your first steps into the world of VTuber content creation! Whether you’re looking to embrace your own virtual persona, or are otherwise maybe camera-shy, these options are great to get you started and comfortable for your next stream!

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