How to fix Steam Error ‘there was an error communicating with the steam servers’

Find out how to try and fix this error on Steam!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’ve been trying to get into the Steam Store to partake in the Steam Summer Sale event that is going on, you may find yourself feeling a bit frustrated. As it currently stands, there are tremendous amounts of outages happening on the Steam Servers, so you may be stranded while you are trying to purchase a game you’ve been wanting to get your hands on.

There are not many concrete fixes at the moment, but there are a few ideas that seem to be working, so let’s see what you may be able to do to get back onto Steam, and start making some big purchases!

How To Fix Steam Errors during Summer Sale Event

Right now, the hardest thing to fix is trying to get onto the store, as many gamers are running into issues involving the outages that are plaguing the Steam Store at the moment. You’ll be able to see the status of all things Steam by checking into our guide about the Summer Sale. As to be expected when an event this large happens, there may not have been enough emphasis put on servers, so players have been having a hard time getting onto the store.

If you’re looking to get in sooner than later, you could always try signing in and out of your Steam account, to see if that will allow you access back into the shop. If you’re unsuccessful with this action, you may want to try and close out of Steam fully, and relaunch the program. This may allow you back in, but at this point, it seems to be a bit of a wild goose chase.

A final step that you could attempt if you need to make your way in as soon as possible is to restart your PC, so it completely closes out of all of your programs, giving you a fresh start when you launch Steam once more. If none of these options work, however, you may need to wait out the storm, and watch for servers to start coming back to more stable. This may only be a while, or it could be multiple hours, it’s hard to say. Some gamers are more patient than others, so you may have good luck if you continue to check your Steam page and see if you’re able to get back on. Good luck!

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