PlayStation Showcase Reportedly Set for September 8

A Date for the Upcoming Playstation Showcase.

by Weilong Mao


For those asking or wondering when the next PlayStation Showcase will be, there is now supposedly a date set in stone. The PlayStation Showcase is an occasion where Sony Interactive Entertainment puts on display the numerous video games developed in-house or third-party deals established with other gaming companies. Last year’s PlayStation showcase brought many titles back to the limelight for the general gaming audience, updates on titles such as God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West. One can assume that the showcase this year will do the same.

News and rumors surrounding the next PlayStation event to be hosted on Sony became a topic of interest nearing the end of August. This is understandable considering that last year’s event took place in September. And the console company may follow suit the pattern that they established last year. Some insiders and leakers have attested to the accuracies of such information.

Like a similar discussion held by members on the PlayStation forums, The co-host of an Xbox-related podcast elaborated upon the insider information that he’s received regarding the dates for the Playstation Showcase. Following up on an earlier tweet, the host has now confirmed from numerous sources that the dates are now confirmed to be on the 8th of September.

To clarify, the original suggestion was that the event could have occurred during August, but didn’t for one reason or another. The source alleges that the company decision is likely made as a result of the Disney Marvel showcase set to launch sometime during September. Sony likely wants to place its event date ahead of its potential competitor due to a concern for the public traction that could end up divided throughout that month.

Considering how late it is into August, the idea of the PlayStation showcase occurring sometime during this month is likely off the table. The question stands as to what titles could be presented during the event on the 8th of September, and if the date is indeed final. The one thing that will remain consistent despite timetable concerns is the anticipation for the list of potential PlayStation exclusives that could be announced.

Despite the month-to-month hosting of State of Play events that keep general users informed as to the ongoing of different sony titles, there is arguably a certain sense of expectation that goes toward the self-titled event that has become the annual gathering for the PlayStation player base, it is curious to see if this social occasion will prove as successful as last years.

- This article was updated on August 25th, 2022

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