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13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim – Character Unlock Guide

Experience the full story by playing as everyone.

by Dean James


13 Sentinel’s Aegis Rim is a very unique game in how it is executed, with a fantastic story unfolding across it. As the name of the game would suggest, there are 13 playable characters in the game that you will be switching back and forth between during the game. Upon the conclusion of the prologue, you will only have access to seven of the 13 though, with you needing to unlock the remaining six. The extra six characters can be found during your Remembrance playthroughs for characters that you have already unlocked. While you can just play through them all to eventually get everyone, we came up with a list to tell you just how you can unlock the ones you need.

Character Unlock Guide

Characters become very intertwined throughout 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, which means you’ll be introduced to a lot of them within just a few of the characters’ stories. By continuing to play others, you will then learn more about these other characters as well. This also means there are numerous ways to unlock the characters based on the order you play through them. For the purposes of this guide, we will give you the rundown of how we unlocked the additional characters and perhaps some tips on fairly quick ways to do so.

One thing you will notice especially is that we focused on Iori Fuyusaka’s story here since it is very interesting and it allows you to play a lot of it without advancing too far early. This specifically unlocked two characters, which is very helpful in the game.

Renya Goto: Play through Iori Fuyusaka’s story starting at 42% until you complete the “Iori Who Leapt Through Time” starting on path with “Shopping District, After School 2.”

Ryoko Shinonome: Play through Iori Fuyusaka’s story starting at 57% until you complete the “Opening a Door to the Dream” starting on path with “Sumire Bridge, Dream of Shooting Juro.”

Yuki Takamiya: Play through Iori Fuyusaka’s story starting at 71% until you complete “The Love Begins” starting on path with “Meet at the Front Gate.”

Keitaro Miura: Play through Natsuno Minami’s story starting at 25% until you complete “Transcending Space and Time” starting on path with “Interviews at Sakura High School” and then “Shift from Tokisaka Shrine.”

Tomi Kisaragi: Play through Yuki Takamiya’s story starting at 28% until you complete “Girl With Red Glasses” starting on path with “Interviews at Sakura High School” and then the “Girls’ Bathroom Investigation.”

Nenji Ogata: Play through Megumi Yakushiji’s story starting 42% at until you complete “I’m a Liar” starting on path with Kurabe House, Dinner Prep 3.

Once again, there are multiple ways to unlock the characters above, but these were the paths we took towards getting them. Feel free to try your own routes, but going after Iori Fuyusaka early seemed to work out well as a strategy to unlock everyone.

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