All 10 Sunflora Hide and Seek Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Where are the Sunflora hidden in this gym challenge?

by Diego Perez

Before you can challenge the Artazon gym leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you have to pass the gym test first. Unlike the other gym tests throughout the Paldea region, Artazon’s test actually requires a bit of thought on the player’s part. The Artazon gym test requires you to seek out 10 Sunflora hidden throughout the town, and these pesky little flowers can be very hard to find unless you know where to look. This guide will show you exactly where to find 10 Sunflora so you can challenge Brassius and add the grass-type gym badge to your collection.

All 10 Sunflora Locations in Artazon

While the gym test requires you to collect 10 Sunflora and bring them back to the lawn, there are actually more than 10 of them scattered throughout Artazon. This guide discloses the locations of the easiest 10 to find, but you may come across more as you navigate throughout the town. You only need 10 of them, so just head back to the gym once you have enough following you.

Sunflora Location #1


The very first Sunflora is in an easy-to-find spot next to the nearby pool. It’s standing in front of the food vendor carts, not trying to hide from you at all.

Sunflora Location #2


The second Sunflora is also located next to the pool, but this one is playing hopscotch and jumping across colored rings in the grassy field a short distance from the water.

Sunflora Location #3


The third Sunflora can be found hiding underneath the wooden playground next to the Sunflora lawn. There are plenty of fakes throughout the playground, but one of them is real.

Sunflora Location #4


The next two Sunflora can be found next to the circular main street of Artazon standing next to one another. They might flee if they see you coming, so be ready to chase them.

Sunflora Location #5


The next Sunflora is the second of the pair by the street. Chase it if it runs away and add it to your collection.

Sunflora Location #6


The next Sunflora is found hiding behind a tree on the inner side of the circular main street in the center of town. This one will run away if it sees you coming and require a battle once you catch up to it.

Sunflora Location #7


You can find the seventh Sunflora on the road leading to the Pokemon Center on the edge of town next to a colorful flower bed.

Sunflora Location #8


The eighth Sunflora is located on top of a flower pot next to some benches along the nearby road northwest of the circular main road. It’s attempting to blend in as a fake Sunflora, but its disguise isn’t very convincing.

Sunflora Location #9


The final few Sunflora are located in Artazon’s hedge maze. One of them is hiding around the corner near the entrance of the maze and will run away if you approach it. Chase it through the maze and add it to your collection.

Sunflora Location #10

The final Sunflora is located within the hedge maze. There are a few of them in the maze, so just run through it and you’re bound to run into at least one of them. If you missed any of the other Sunflora listed in this guide, you can definitely round out the last bit of the required 10 in the hedge maze.

With all 10 Sunflora in your possession, just head back to the Sunflora lawn to complete the gym test. Now, it’s time to earn the Artazon gym badge and continue your journey throughout the Paldea region! There are plenty more gym tests ahead of you, but none of them should be as annoying as this one thankfully.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 18th, 2022

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