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All Achievement Badges in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

by Dylan Siegler


In Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, there are four achievement badges that you can earn on your game’s home screen by buying certain animatronics and placing them all on stage with each other. For most of these badges, you’ll need to buy both the Star Curtain Stage ($500 from Smiles and Servos, Inc.), which holds one animatronic, and the Deluxe Concert Stage ($810 from Smiles and Servos, Inc.), which holds five animatronics, since most of these badges require five animatronics to be in your restaurant at the same time. Below is a list of each achievement badge in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator as well as a list of the animatronics, as well as their prices and what catalogue they can be bought from, that need to be on stage at the same time to achieve each badge.

Trash and the Gang

  • Bucket Bob ($10 from Dumpster Diver Weekly)
  • Mr. Can-Do ($10 from Dumpster Diver Weekly)
  • Mr. Hugs ($15 from Dumpster Diver Weekly)
  • No. 1 Crate ($10 from Dumpster Diver Weekly)
  • Pan Stan ($10 from Dumpster Diver Weekly)

Mediocre Melodies

  • Happy Frog ($200 from Stan’s Budget Tech)
  • Mr. Hippo ($190 from Stan’s Budget Tech)
  • Nedd Bear ($260 from Stan’s Budget Tech)
  • Pigpatch ($230 from Stan’s Budget Tech)
  • Orville Elephant ($4100 from Rare Finds Auction)

Rockstars Assemble

  • Rockstar Freddy ($2000 from Smiles and Servos, Inc.)
  • Rockstar Bonnie ($2000 from Smiles and Servos, Inc.)
  • Rockstar Chica ($2000 from Smiles and Servos, Inc.)
  • Rockstar Foxy ($2500 from Smiles and Servos, Inc.)
  • Lefty ($5 from Rare Finds Auction)

Posh Pizzeria

  • Music Man ($19000 from Rare Finds Auction)
  • El Chip ($32000 from Rare Finds Auction)
  • Funtime Chica ($71000 from Rare Finds Auction)

There is also a chance that you can win expensive animatronics from Prize King, which can be bought for $7770 from Rare Finds Auction. So if you’re feeling lucky and are low on money, you might want to try buying Prize King instead of spending $71000 on Funtime Chica alone. I’ve also seen reports of people unlocking the Pickles by either earning all of these badges or buying every item in the game, but it’s not entirely clear at this time which of these tactics is the correct one. It doesn’t appear that the Pickles really do anything anyway, however.

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