All Among Us Characters: Every Crewmate Explained

Red's sus! No wait..why are there two reds? And why do you have a shield?

by Amitesh Dhar



Back in the day, there were only two types of Among Us characters: Crewmates and Impostors. However, as the days have progressed, Innersloth Studios has continuously added fresh content to this popular social deduction game. In fact, it can still be dubbed as one of the best mobile games in existence! From new maps to brand new roles, the Among Us character roster has increased substantially.

As of now, there are seven different Among Us characters that you will come across in this popular social deduction game. While Crewmates and Impostors are still the core members of the game, the Crewmates have been further divided into several other roles, namely Engineer, Scientist, Ghost, Guardian Angel, and Shapeshifter.

All Among Us Characters and Their Roles

As mentioned before, there are seven specific roles that the Among Us characters can assume. Here’s a quick rundown of each role and what they’re tailored to do:


This is probably the simplest of all roles that you can have in the game. Your primary goal is to complete all the tasks in the game and flush out the Impostor while staying alive the entire time. The task might sound easy but it’s pretty difficult.


As an Impostor, you have the power to eliminate the poor helpless Crewmates. Your job is to stop them from performing their tasks by any means necessary. You can kill them if you need to, but under no circumstance should the tasks be completed. But remember, the Crewmates have the power to toss you out into oblivion, so try not to get caught. This is a really fun role to play.


Once you’ve been killed by an Impostor, you’ll turn into a Ghost. This role was also introduced during the early days of the game. As a Ghost, you can’t do much in Among Us. You lose your ability to vote and you cannot talk to the Crewmates who are still alive. However, you can still complete certain tasks. As a Ghost Among Us character, you can do two things: you can either help your teammates, or you can grab a bucket of popcorn and watch them get picked off one by one!

Guardian Angel

This role is reserved for the Crewmate who gets eliminated first. Although it’s not fun to be the first one to die, it does have some benefits. As a Guardian Angel, you have the power to shield a Crewmate from Impostor attacks.


If you thought only Impostor could use the vents, well think again. The Engineer can use the vent just like an Impostor. As an Engineer, you can use vents to quickly travel throughout the entire map to get to your tasks or escape some tricky situations. But don’t overuse your Venting ability because it comes with a cooldown timer.


As a Scientist, you have the power to check the vitals of all the players in Among Us. Being a Scientist, you will be able to see when someone has died, so you don’t technically need to discover the body. You can do so by looking at the vitals chart. You also have the power to catch the Shapeshifter by paying attention to your vitals log. This role is risky. Given that you have the power to catch and potentially eliminate the Shapeshifter, you just might be the first one the Impostor targets.


This role is comparatively new to the game. A lot of you, who haven’t played the game in a while, might not know about the existence of this role, to begin with. The Shapeshifter role is restricted to Impostors only. If you’re assigned this role, you will be able to change your appearance into one of the many Crewmates on board the ship. By introducing this role, Innersloth Studios added another layer of strategy to their popular social deduction game.

These are all the Among Us characters that you will come across in any game. Given how popular this game is, there are many community-made mods that you can use. Now, those mods can add a diverse range of roles to the game with all sorts of powers and abilities, but if you’re playing the vanilla version of the game, these are the roles you will come across!

For more guides on Among Us, check out our dedicated Among Us guides page here! A few days back, Innersloth Studios teased a potential crossover with Hololive too, so that’s something worth looking forward to as well!

Among Us is available now on mobile, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on September 29th, 2022

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