All Anima Squad Skins in League of Legends

There are too many skin lines to keep up with.

by J.T. Isenhour


Most of the skins in League of Legends have a general theme that they follow. Sure there are one-off skins that are one of a kind in League of Legends, but many skins come from some line like the Anima Squad skins. Even some skins that start off as a one-off skin could later come back as a skin line which is what happened with the Anima Squad skins. Let’s go over which skins in League of Legends are considered to be part of the Anima Squad skin line.

All Of The Anima Squad Skins In League of Legends

While many players will have the recent event for the release of the latest Anima Squad skins fresh in their minds. Some may be shocked to know that the Anima Squad skins have been in the game for quite some time. The oldest skin in the Anima Squad skin line is the original Battle Bunny Riven skin. This was one of the first skins for Riven and seemed to be just a random one-off skin that launched with the champion. However, players were proven wrong when the recent event added a full team roster of skins to the game.


Alongside the original Battle Bunny Riven players now have Battle Bunny Riven Prime, Battle Bunny Miss Fortune, Battle Cat Jinx, Prestige Battle Cat Jinx, Battle Bat Vayne, and Battle Wolf Sylas. All of the skins aside from the original Battle Bunny Riven were just added to the game so they are a bit more quality than the older skin in the line. You almost have enough for a full-ranked team to run Anima Squad Skins you are just missing support champion skin.

Each of the Anima Squad Skins will run you 1350 RP with the Battle Bunny Miss Fortune skin costing 1820 RP. Those are quite steep prices for a line of skins that no one has really heard about before especially since the original Battle Bunny Riven only costs 975 RP. When it comes to the price of League of Legends skins, you expect a certain amount of quality when a skin costs as much as the new Anima Squad skins do.

It was quite interesting to see Riot turn the old Battle Bunny Riven skin into its own skins line. The Anima Squad skins can also be easily confused with the Battle Academy skin line and the Battle Boss skin line. There are also a few other battle-oriented skins like the Battle Queen collection that don’t really fit with the Anima Squad skins since they don’t reference an animal in their skin.

The real question left is will the skin line continue? Riot has not said too much about if there will be another Anima Squad event in the future, but if you compare it to other events we should expect to see the Anima Squad pop up again with another set of five or so skins added to the game at some point. If you need any more help with League of Legends make sure to check out our other guides.

Leauge of Legends is avliable on PC and Mac.

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