All Apex Legends Characters and Their Abilities, Explained

What does each legends do?

by J.T. Isenhour


One of the main things that make Apex Legends stand out from other battle royal games is the legends themselves. on top of having interesting personalities, each legend has a unique set of abilities and a passive. Knowing what each legend can do and how they interact with each other is not only important for deciding which legend you or going to play but also for being able to play around them. You’ll want to push into a weak Octane before he can run away, but you wouldn’t want to push into a fully set up Rampart. Let’s go over each legend’s abilities and passives in Apex Legends.

Every Legends Ability and Passive in Apex Legends



Passive – Voices From The Void, you will receive a warning when an enemy is aiming at you, there are traps nearby, there are many enemies nearby, and many enemies have died nearby.

Ability – Into The Void, after a short windup you transition into the void, becoming immune from damage and able to move around with a 30% speed boost.

Ultimate – Dimensional Rift, Place a portal where you activate the ability and reactivate the ability to place the other end of the portal. Anyone can use the portal and the portal can be used multiple times before vanishing. While placing the portal you gain a 25% speed boost and can activate your ability while placing the portal.



Passive – Double Time, When being hot or having bullets/grenades land near you while springing, you gain a 30% speed boost for two seconds.

Ability – Smoke Launcher, a two-charge launcher that allows you to fire canisters that explode into a wall of smoke. The canisters can deal 10 explosive damage if launched far enough away from Bangalore.

Ultimate – Rolling Thunder, After throwing a flare, several rows of missiles will land in front of the flare and detonate after six seconds. The missiles deal 40 damage and apply a slowing effect to anyone hit. They won’t do damage to allies but still apply the slow.



Passive – Now You See Me, You will cloak when using Respawn Beacons and reviving teammates. You will also cloak and spawn a decoy when you are downed.

Ability – Psyche Out, Send out a decoy that will ping the enemy that shoots it. The decoy will run in a straight line until it reaches the point that you mark when you activate the ability. You can look at the decoy at any point and reactivate your ability to gain control of the decoy and have it mimic your every move.

Ultimate – Life Of The Party, Summon a ring of five decoys around you that mimic your moves. You will turn invisible when you activate the ability to allow you to blend in with the decoys. Each decoy acts like a regular ability decoy, being able to be controlled and marking the enemy that shoots them.



Passive – Swift Mend, After not taking damage for six seconds, you will begin to restore one health per second.

Ability – Stim, Inject yourself with a stim that removes 20 health and provides you a 30% walking speed boost and a 40% sprint speed boost. It will also remove any slows that were affecting you when you activate the stim and slows you gain while under the effect of the stim will be reduced. If you do not have 20 health when activating the ability it will take all of your health but one hit point.

Ultimate – Launch Pad, Throw a jump pad that will launch anyone that touches it in the direction they were moving before they touched the launch pad. The pad has 200 health and can be destroyed by enemy fire. Enemies can also use the launch pad so be careful if you are using it.



Passive – Stalker, You can crouch walk at the same speed that other legends walk and climb walls that are six times higher than normal.

Ability -Silence, Fire an orb of energy that deals 10 damage to any enemies that hit the orb and prevents them from using any abilities for 15 seconds. This will also turn off some passives but not all of them. Any abilities that are active when the legend is affected by the silence will still remain active.

Ultimate – Death Totem, place a totem that will turn anyone into a shadow that interacts with it. As a shadow, you will only take health damage and can’t heal. If you die as a shadow you will be returned to the totem, if the totem is destroyed or expires anyone that is a shadow connected to that totem will instantly return back to being normal. When you return to a totem by being “killed” you will be returned with 50 health or the health you had when you activated the totem, whichever is lower. This totem is great for putting pressure on your enemies and allowing you and your team to safely push. Enemies can also interact with your totem and gain its benefits.



Passive – Spacewalk, You will stagger when falling from any height and can turn quicker when in the air. If you crouch while falling you will immediately transition into a slide when you hit the ground instead of staggering.

Ability – Gravity Lift, Lifts anyone that enters the lift up to 30 meters into the air. You can hover at the top of the lift for two seconds before being forcibly ejected out of the lift. When you leave the lift at any point you will get a burst of speed to help make any gaps.

Ultimate – Black Hole, Throw out a device that will pull in any players within range after 2 seconds. It will pull in players for 12 seconds before it is destroyed. Enemies will be marked while they are being pulled in. Enemies can shoot and destroy the black hole early.



Passive – Grenadier, You can carry one extra grenade in a stack. You can also launch grenades farther, and faster, as well as the ability to track the bounces of frag grenades.

Ability – Knuckle Cluster, A two-charge grenade launcher. it will stick to the first surface or enemy hit and create explosions in an area around itself after 1.5 seconds. The stick can deal 10 damage if it hits an enemy, the explosion damage totals about 60 damage. You can also use the Knuckle Cluster to break down doors or do damage to any deployable.

Ultimate – The Motherlode, Fuse will launch a mortar that will create a ring of fire in the target area. If an enemy touches the ring of fire they will take 35 damage and be set on fire for 5 seconds which does damage and slows them down. Any enemy inside the ring will also be marked on you and your allies’ HUD.



Passive – Marked For Death, Ashe can see death boxes on her map and can interact with a death box to ping the killer.

Ability – Arc Snare, Ash throws a slow-moving snare trap that will create a four-meter circle when it lands. Any enemy caught in the circle will take 10 health damage or 20 shield damage and will be stuck in the circle for about three seconds. The trap will stay active for around five seconds if it does not hit anyone upon impact. If someone walks into the trap during this time they will be snared for the normal duration.

Ultimate – Phase Breach, Ash tears open a one-way portal in a straight line ahead of her and immediately travels through it. The portal will then stay open for about 15 seconds to allow anyone else to travel through it as well, both ally and enemy.

Mad Maggie


Passive – Warlord’s Ire, Any enemy you damage will be highlighted for a second. You can also move at holstered weapon speed when holding a shotgun, this speed increase also applies to aiming as well. When you ADS you will not receive any movement penalty.

Ability – Riot Drill, You can fire a drill that will attach to any obstacle, wall, or door and shoot fire through the other side. The drill can do a total of 160 damage over its full duration of nine seconds.

Ultimate – Wrecking Ball, You will throw a ball that releases speed-boosting pads that provide a 30% speed boost to anyone that runs over them. The ball itself can explode when it comes into contact with an enemy and will do 20 damage to them and slow them.



Passive – Slipstream, at the end of your slide you will gain a 15% movement speed boost that lasts for three seconds.

Ability – Flashback, Rewind yourself to where you were five seconds ago, you will regain any shield or health that you lost during the five seconds you are going back. You can cancel the rewind at any point during it.

Ultimate – Phase Chamber, Throw an explosive that will put any legend within its explosion into the void. Anyone affected by it will be phased into the void for 4 seconds, enemies that get phased will take 10 damage and be slowed, and allies that are phased suffer no damage or slowing effect but are unable to do anything for the duration aside from moving.



Passive – Gun Shield, When aiming, you will put up an upper body shield that will protect you from 50 damage but any access will be applied to you. If the shield fully breaks you will have to wait 9 seconds for it to fully regenerate. You can also toggle the shield down if you want.

Ability – Dome Of Protection, You will throw out a disc that will sprout a six-meter radius dome around it when it lands. The dome lasts 12 seconds and will block any incoming or outgoing attacks. While in the dome you can revive allies faster.

Ultimate – Defensive Bombardment, You can throw a smoke grenade that will mark a 24-meter radius for a random mortar strike. The mortars will continuously fall for six seconds and deal 40 damage to enemies. Any player hit by a shell will also have a disoriented and slow applied to them.



Passive – Nox Vision, You are immune to any caustic gas both your own and enemy caustic’s gas. enemies inside your gas are outlined in green.

Ability – Nox Gas Trap, You can hold three traps and place down six total. The traps can be triggered by an enemy walking within their proximity or by being shot. The trap will expel gas for 11 seconds and the gas will stay for two seconds after the trap is done. The traps can be shot after being activated to end them early but the gas will still linger for two seconds after the trap is destroyed. Enemies can also shoo the base of the trap before it goes off to destroy it. Enemies caught in the gas will take five tick damage that increases by one every other tick.

Ultimate – Nox Gas Grenade, Throw a grenade that covers an area in nox gas for 15 seconds. The area is wider than the area covered by a single gas trap but other than that the gas functions the same as the traps gas.



Passive – Spark Of Genius, You will slowly restore one hp of shield every two seconds while out of combat. Ultimate Accelerants will fully charge your ultimate and you can carry two in a stack.

Ability – Perimeter Security, You can hold up to four pylons that you can place on the ground, when two pylons are within range of each other they will connect together with arc lines. these lines will turn off when you or an ally try to cross them but if an enemy tries to cross the arc lines they will take 20 damage and be slowed for three seconds.

Ultimate – Interception Pylon, You can place a pylon down that will destroy any throwable that enters its radius whether friendly or enemy. It will also recharge shields of anyone that is within its range at a rate of five points per second. The pylon can be destroyed and has 150 health.



Passive – Modded Loader, When using LMGs you have an increased magazine and will reload them quicker.

Ability – Amped Cover, You can carry up to three walls with you at a time. Using your ability will allow you to place the base of a wall and after 3.6 seconds the top half of the cover will fully set up. The top half of the cover will boost the damage of the shots by 20%. The top half of the cover has 175 health and the base has 400 health. The base will still stand if the top cover is destroyed.

Ultimate – Mobile Minigun, You will equip a minigun with a magazine of 173 rounds. You can spin up and fire the minigun without palcing it. After you use up the rounds you can either put the minigun away and begin recharging your ult or place the minigun as a turret. Each round for the minigun will do 14 damage.



Passive – Retrieve The Wounded, When reviving a downed all you can drag them and will use your knockdown shield to provide cover for the downed ally.

Ability – Mobile Shield, You can throw out a drone that projects a standing height shield. You can activate the ability again to move the shield to a new location. The shield is split in half and each half has 350 health, if one half is destroyed the other half will still remain.

Ultimate – Castle Wall, You will target and area and leap to it, Knocking back and enemies nearby and placing a wall in the direction you are facing. The wall is made up of nine segments that have 750 health each, three of the segements will be standing height and the other six will be crouch height. For the first 30 seconds after deploying the wall the outward facing side will be electrified which does 20 damage to any enemy that tries to climb over it.



Passive – Combat Revive, You can leav ebehind your drone to revive an ally. The drone will fully complete the revive without any interaction from you after you place it.

Ability – D.O.C Heal Drone, Deploy your drone that will heal all players withing a six meter range. The drone heals everyone connected to it for eight health per second and lasts for 20 seconds.

Ultimate – Care Package, Call down a three slot care package. One slot will have an upgrade for someone in your squad’s armor, another slot will have medical items and the final slot will have weapon attachments.



Passive – Eye For Quality, Any items of epic or above quality can be seen through walls and pinged for your team.

Ability – Burglar’s Best Friend, You can throw your bracelet and teleport to it as long as it lands somewhere you can stand. You can reactivty the ability while the braclet is in midair to make it drop to the ground and teleport you early.

Ultimate – Black Market Boutique, You place your staff on the ground and can browse any item in a 112.5 meter radius. You and each squad member can grap two items from the list, ammo does not count as an item. Only Loba can grab items from vaults, when she does she will take some damage and her ult instantly ends. Enemies can also grab items if they interact with your ultimate.



Passive – Tracker, You can see actions performed by enemies up to 90 seconds after they happen, The actions you can see are footprints, slide marks, mantles, ledge drops, landings, ziplines, dropping off ziplines, door uses, door destructions, gunfire, weapon reloads, kills with weapons, grenade throws, damage taken, healing done, downed crawling, ability useage, loot bins opened, items dropped or picked up, and care package openings.

Ability – Eye Of The Allfather, You will scane in a 125 degree cone in front of you and mark in enemy within 75 meters of yourself. You will be told the number of enemies pinged up to 10 and any enemy that is pinged will be alrerted that they have been pinged.

Ultimate – Beast Of The Hunt, You transform for 30 seconds and gain 30% increased movement speed, the world is turned black and white and enemies are highlighted in red. You ability cooldown is also ruduced to .9 seconds for the duration of your ultimate.



Passive – Insider Knowledge, Anytime you use a survey beacon you reduce the cooldown of you ultimate by 10 seconds for the rest of the match and will instatly charge it.

Ability – Grapple Hook, You will shoot a grapple hook that will attach to the first solid object hit. The max range of the grapple hook is 21 meters and you will have an symbol around your reticle when that will light up if you can reach the object you are looking at.

Ultimate – Fire a zipline from your current location up to 110 meters away, Anyone can use the zipline and the zipline can’t be destroyed. You can place up to four ziplines at a time, when you palce your fifth zipline your first zipline will break.



Passive – Neurolink, Both you asnd your teammates will be able to see your what your drone marks automatically. Outside of your drone it will automatically highlight doors, supply bins, care packagaes, traps, and enemies within 30 meters of itself. When an enemy is highlighted they will recieve a notification on their HUD that they are marked.

Ability – Surveillance Drone, You can deploy and control a drone that can interact with doors, supply bins, alied death boxes, vaults, respawn beacons, and survery beacons. You will instatnly grab a teammates banner from their deathbox and instantly use respawn beacons and survery beacons. You can leave the drone at any point while piloting it and it will keep pinging anything within a 30 meter range. The drone has 50 health and can be destroyed by enemies.

Ultimate – Drone EMP, While piloting your drone you can activate you ultimate to unlease a 30 meter radius blast after 3 seconds. The black will deal 50 shield damage to any enemies inside of it and yourself if you are in range. Anyone hit by it including squadmates will recieve a 2 second slow as well.



Passive – Vtol Jets, You have access to a jetpack while airborn. By pressing your jump while in the air you will activate the jetpack and can stay in the air for around seven seconds. You also have access to the Jet-Fighter HUD while you are skydiving. Any enemy within 250 meters will be marked on your HUD as long as you have direct line of sight with them.

Ability – Missle Swarm, You can laucnh 12 missles that deal damage and stun enemies. The first missle and enemy gets hit by will do 25 damage and any subsequent missles hits will do three damage. You can also fire the missle swarm while using your jetpack.

Ultimate – Skyward Dive,  You can charge up and fire yourself and bothg squadmates into the air. You will launch about 180 meters in the air and then begin the skydive animation as though you used a jump tower. Both of your squadmates wil be locked to you during the dive. You can cancle her ultimate while it is charging and have 75% of your ultimate charge refuned. The ultimate will also cancle if you take damage while charging up, you will still be refuned the ultimate charge if your ultimate is cancled this way.



Passive – Heartseeker, While aiming you gain the ability to detect enemy heartbeats within a 55 meter cone from the center of your screen. You can detect any enemy up to 75 meters away.

Ability – Focus Attention, Fire a cylinder 75 meters in front of yourself that will detonate after a 1.4 second delay. Any enemy inside the cylinder when it detonates will have their actions interupted and be silenced for 1.25 seconds. The enmy will also be marked and have their healthbar shown to your squad for 8 seconds after being hit.

Ultimate – Exhibit, Create a 65 meter diameter done that reveals any enemy that moves inside the dome. The dome lasts 30 seconds and can be destroyed if the enemy shoots the center source that you threw out. If an enemy sits still they will not be marked even if they are inside the dome.

Now that you know what each legend can do, you just need to decide who you want to spend your hard earned legend tokens on. You will also know what each legend in an enemy squad can go as you fight them. If you need any more help with Apex Legends make sure to check out our other guides.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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