All Astra Scenic Point Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Check out the exact location of all the Scenic Points

by Franklin Bellone Borges


In Tower of Fantasy, players can get a good amount of Dark Crystals by interacting with Scenic Points, which are present all over the game’s main regions. With that said, you can find a total of 5 Scenic Points in the Astra region, but where exactly are each of them located? To answer that and more, as well as to guarantee that you get the extra crystals, here’s the exact location of all Scenic Points present in the Astra region.

All Astra Scenic Point Locations in Tower of Fantasy

You can find the first Scenic Point on Astra Shelter, more specifically on a small cliff facing the main construction. You can check out its location in the image below:


The second scenic point, Northern Ring Rangers, can be found by heading north of the first one, on a small cliff facing the area’s Omninium Tower. The area can be easily reached by starting your ascend from the entrance of the Shelter.


The third scenic point is located on a cliff east of the Mega Arena. The Scenic Point will be located on a cliff west of the Football Field and can be easily reached by making use of your Jetpack to reach the top of the cliff.


The fourth Scenic Point can be found by jumping on a platform/rock pillar located east of the Astra Cemetery area. You can reach the pillar by heading to the top of the area’s rock formation and then jumping into a rock pillar, which will be identifiable thanks to the presence of not only a pod but also a large Crystal. Once there, you just need to use your backpack to propel yourself, before gliding toward the Scenic Point.


The fifth and final Scenic Point can be found above the area in which you can find the game’s first World Boss, the Flower-humanoid Robarg. The point is located at the top of one of the gigantic thorns located above the boss area and will be visible from the area’s Spacerift. To reach it, you just need to head right of it.


You can currently play Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android, and IOS.

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