All Baldur’s Gate 3 Merchant Locations in Every Act

This game has many, many merchants...

by Davi Braid
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Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of merchants, and it’s easy to miss talking to many of them before you finish the game. If you don’t want that to happen, this guide will show you where to find every merchant in every act.

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Where to Find All Merchants in Baldur’s Gate 3

Act 1

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Although there are many merchants in Act 1, you shouldn’t worry too much about most of them. The ones you want to talk to in the first map are Dammon and the ones in the Goblin camp. If you’re looking for lockpick tools, make sure to visit Arron in the Emerald Grove. Then, when headed to the Gythianki Crèche, look for Brem for lockpick tools, and Cyrel and Esther for unusual items and gear. In the Underdark, all merchants have something interesting to offer.

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ArronEmerald Grove
Auntie EthelEmerald Grove (and then Riverside Teahouse later)
DammonEmerald Grove
MattisEmerald Grove
MolEmerald Grove
GlompGoblin Camp
GratGoblin Camp
Roah MoonglowGoblin Camp
BremThe Risen Road
CyrelThe Risen Road Tollhouse
A’jak’nir JeeraCrèche Y’llek (Rosymorn Monastery)
EstherRosymorn Monastery Trail (Rosymorn Monastery)
BlurgEbonlake Grotto (Underdark)
Derryth BonecloakEbonlake Grotto (Underdark)
OmeluumEbonlake Grotto (Underdark)
KithGrymforge (Underdark)
GreymonGrymforge (Underdark)

Act 2

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When you reach the dark lands, NPCs with whom you can interact can be found in the same areas, except for Sister Lidwin and Hoarding Merregon.

BarcusLast Light Inn
DammonLast Light Inn
MattisLast Light Inn
TalliLast Light Inn
Sister LidwinHouse of Healing
Hoarding MerregonGauntlet of Shar
Araj OblodraMoonrise Towers
Lann TarvMoonrise Towers
Roah MoonglowMoonrise Towers

Act 3

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Act 3 has even more merchants than Act 1. There are way too many places to visit, and way too many things to buy. Boney sells scrolls, which are always useful. Danthelon’s Dancing Axe has good weapons and it’s fairly easy to find.

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Carmen and Figaro have many clothes and dyes, Vicar Humbletoes and Nansi Gretta have scrolls, and Dammon will be back with weapons and armor. Make sure to visit Lorroakan’s Projection at Sorcerous Sundries since he has rare scrolls and good magic items.

BumpnagelAngleiron’s Cellar (Rivington)
ExxvikyapRivington General (Rivington)
Ferg DrogherRequisitioned Barn (Rivington)
MattisRequisitioned Barn (Rivington)
BoneyCircus of the Last Days (Rivington)
PopperCircus of the Last Days (Rivington)
Zara the MummyCircus of the Last Days (Rivington)
Carmen PennygoodCarm’s Garm (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Entharl DanthelonDanthelon’s Dancing Axe (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Hoots HooliganSharess’ Caress (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Stylin’ HorstThe Velveteen Elixir (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Quartermaster Arkleia OlorilWyrm’s Rock Fortress (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Traveller GriskaFraygo’s Flophouse (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Thodric ShedeeverAlong the bridge (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Roberon SiltAlong the bridge (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Velson OakesAlong the bridge (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Glynda OltowerAlong the bridge (Wyrm’s Crossing)
Oliver TefocoBeehive General Goods (Lower City)
Nansi GrettaThe Bibliophile (Lower City)
Derryth Bonecloak or Baelen BonecloakBonecloak’s Apothecary (Lower City)
Thomas C. QuirkiliousChromatic Scale (Lower City)
HelsikDevil’s Fee (Lower City)
Alan AlythElfsong Tavern (Lower City)
LakrissaElfsong Tavern (Lower City)
Figaro ‘Facemaker’ PennygoodFacemaker’s Boutique (Lower City)
Avery SonshalFelogyr’s Fireworks (Lower City)
Clerk TamaraFelogyr’s Fireworks (Lower City)
DammonForge of the Nine (Lower City)
SkittleHeapside Prison (Lower City)
Mystic Carrion or ThrumboPhilgrave’s Mansion (Lower City)
Bosun GannetThe Blushing Mermaid (Lower City)
Tender HenkThe Singing Lute (Lower City)
OmotolaThe Glitter Gala (Lower City)
Lorroakan’s Projection or RolanSorcerous Sundries (Lower City)
Tolna Tome-MongerSorcerous Sundries (Lower City)
Gloomy FentonsonStormshore Armoury (Lower City)
Fytz the FirecrackerStormshore Armoury (Lower City)
Vicar HumbletoesStormshore Tabernacle (Lower City)
Old TroutmanEastern Docks (Lower City)
BarekiUndercity Ruins (Lower City Sewers)
SevernGuildhall bar (Lower City Sewers)
Sticky DondoGuildhall (Lower City Sewers)
Echo of AbazigalMurder Tribunal (Lower City Sewers)
KollThe Watch Citadel (High Hall)

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