All DMZ Barter Recipes (Updated for Season 4)

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The latest update to Warzone 2 DMZ comes with a new Barter System where players can craft helpful in-game tools and armor. The Barter System uses recipes to craft useful items, so you need to know all the necessary recipes to create all the possible equipment. This guide will go over all known Barter System recipes to get ahead of the competition during your DMZ match.

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All DMZ Barter Recipes

Below we have created a few grids of all the known recipes for the Barter System for DMZ. Recipes fall into different categories, so there are multiple grids you can find here.

All Backpack Barter System Recipes in DMZ

Here are all the known recipes for backpacks in the DMZ Barter System. The Scavenger Backpack will allow you to carry 11 unique items, while the Secure Backpack will allow you to safeguard valuables between deployments which I find to be really useful when completing difficult missions.

Scavenger Backpack1 Battery + 1 Canned Foods + 1 Gun Cleaning Oil
Secure Backpack1 Electric Drill + 1 Gas Can + 1 Gold Skull

All Vests Barter System Recipes in DMZ

These vests can be crafted at the Barter System, offering a unique perk and buff. The Comms Vest offers players a longer duration for UAVs and you can hear nearby Operators better, Medic Vests offer quicker revive time for your teammates, and the Stealth Vests make you undetectable by enemy radar. The Tempered Plate Carrier allows you to plate up much faster.

3-Plate Comms Vest2 Hard Drive + 2 Battery + 1 Soothing Hand Cream
3-Plate Medic Vest3 Bandage + 1 Liquor + 1 Watch
3-Plate Stealth Vest2 Electrical Components + 1 Comic Book + 1 Game Console
Tempered Plate Carrier1 Classified Documents + 1 Sensitive Documents + 2 Documents

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All Key Barter System Recipes in DMZ

The Barter System allows players to craft keys that open essential points of interest on the map. Check out the recipes below.

Skeleton Key1 GPU
Control Room Key6 Stronghold Keycards
Farmer House Key3 Radiation Blockers
Ashika Island Lost Room 4034 Nuclear Fuel

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All Utility Barter System Recipes in DMZ

These recipes are used to create a utility to help with your match. The Armor Box will provide an extra layer of protection, the Munitions Box will grant you ammo for your gun and teammates, and the Tactical Camera will help you locate potential threats in the area. Lastly, the Revive Pistol will allow players to revive teammates from a considerable distance. Check out the recipes below.

Munitions Box1 Imported Tea + $500 Cash
Armor Box1 Electrical Tape + 1 Screwdriver + 1 C4
Tactical Camera1 Car Battery
Revive Pistol1 Bandage + 1 Soothing Hand Cream
Rebreather1 Hard Drive + 1 Imported Tea

All Radiation Protection Barter System Recipes in DMZ

These two recipes listed below are designed to help you against radiation in DMZ. The Durable Gask Mask will protect you from radiation, while Radiation Blocker will also help with radiation but not as strongly as the Gas Mask. Check out the recipes below.

Radiation ProtectionRecipes
Durable Gas Mask1 Toothpaste + 1 Lighter
Radiation Blocker1 Blowtorch

All Koschei Complex Barter Recipes in DMZ

There are unique Barter recipes only available in Koschei Complex, which is a secret area hidden within Al Mazrah. The materials required for these recipes can only be found in contains within Koschei Complex.

Koschei Complex Recipes
3-Plate Comms Vest1 Orange Server Tape + 1 Formaldehyde
3-Plate Medic Vest1 Tattered Lab Notes + 1 Delta Board
3-Plate Stealth Vest1 Chlorine + 1 Black Server Tape
Tempered Plate Carrier1 Acetic Acid
Scavenger Backpack2 Black Server Tape + 2 Canned Foods
Secure Backpack2 Beta Boards + 1 Gold Bar
Skeleton Key1 Alpha Board + 1 Silver Sever Tape + 1 Lab Code Book
L2 Restricted Zone Key4 Wrenches + 2 Scientist’s Notes

These are all the Barter recipes in DMZ. There are some extra recipes that are unique to specific Excursion Zones, but for the most part, this covers all the bases. Now, you can learn where to find IFAKs in DMZ.

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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