All Bel-Air Lockbox Key Locations in Dead Island 2

Don't forget to stop by the store in Bel-Air that sells lockboxes and speakers... It's called "Safe and Sound."

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you looking for all Bel-Air Lockbox key locations in Dead Island 2? There are five Lockbox keys for you to find throughout Bel-Air. However, you cannot find them all in one shot, and you need to progress the story until you find the specific zombie type that carries the key.

Where to Find All Bel-Air Lockbox Keys in Dead Island 2

We will disclose what part of the story you can expect the zombie holding the lock box key to spawn. If the zombie hasn’t spawned in the areas below, you should progress the main story quests and checkagain.

Coach’s Car Keys

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To unlock the Coach’s Car Trunk, you need to get the Coach’s Car Keys from the tennis instructor zombie named Coach Ace. You will find it on the tennis course at Colt Swanson’s house. Coach Ace will spawn when you are on the O Michael, Where Are Thou quest.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once obtained, you can find the Coach’s Car Trunk on the road between Colt Swanson’s house and Emma Jaunt’s. If you are coming out of Colt Swanson’s house, you will take a left and head up the street until you find the car in the picture above.

Cable Guys Van Key

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To unlock the Cable Van Trunk, you must get the Cable Guy’s Van Key from a Shocker Zombie named The Cable Guy (sadly not modeled after Jim Carrey’s The Cable Guy). To spawn The Cable Guy, you must be on The Chosen One quest, tasked with the “Head back to Emma’s with the news” objective. He tends to spawn more at night, but we also found him during the day. He should spawn on the road to the Halperin Hotel (by one of the road signs directing you to it) by Curtis’ house.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you have obtained the Cable Guy’s Van Key, you can find the Cable Van Trunk near the entrance to the GOAT Pen house. The Cable Guy’s Van is parked next to a palm tree and will have its backend sticking out, as shown in the above picture.

Brock’s Safe Key

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You must kill a Crusher zombie called Goat Pen Brock to find Brock’s Safe Key. You will find him in the GOAT Pen room, where many packages are stacked. He will spawn after you pick up The Clean and Snatch Lost & Found Quest.

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The Safe of Broseidon is located inside the spare bedroom at the GOAT Pen house. You went through it when you needed to get the Goat Pen Key when you were heading to the Halperin Hotel. You will find the safe on the left side when standing at the foot of the bed.

Curtis’ Safe Key

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Curtis’ Valuables Safe needs Curtis’ Safe Keys to unlock. It may sound simple enough, but you, unfortunately, cannot obtain this key the first time you visit Curtis’ home. The zombie that drops Curtis’ Safe Keys won’t spawn until later in the game.

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The Screamer zombie that holds Curtis’ Safe Keys is named Crystal the Lawyer. She will spawn in Curtis’ guest house when you obtain the side quest The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X. This quest will see you return to the Halperin Hotel, but before you head, there stop by Curtis’ house.

Landscaper’s Key

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Eddie’s Toolbox needs Landscaper’s Key to unlock. Unfortunately, this will be the last key you can obtain because the zombie that drops it is a Butcher, which you won’t find until you fight the clown butcher at The Pier. The zombie you are looking for is Green Thumb Eddie, who will spawn at Colt Swanson’s house. We found him outside by the pool area, but he is known to spawn inside the house.

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You can find Eddie’s Toolbox in the bed of Eddie’s pickup truck, parked in the courtyard of Emma Jaunt’s house. But, first, you will want to go to the entrance to Emma’s house, where Michael let you out at the start of the game.

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