All Characters in MementoMori, Ranked Tier List (January 2023)

Check out which characters are sure to make any battle a cake walk

by Franklin Bellone Borges

In MementoMori, players are able to join forces with a wide array of powerful warriors as they cross the continent in order to stop the death and corruption currently taking hold of the world. But who are the best characters in the game? Now, in order to both answer that, as well as to help you assemble a squad sure to obliterate all of the enemies standing in your way, here is a tier list featuring all the playable characters currently available in the Global version of MementoMori.

All Characters in MementoMori, Ranked Tier List

As usual, the tier list is divided into five different tiers, going from S+ to C. With that said, the characters were ranked taking into account their performances against both solo bosses and multiple enemies. You can check out a quick summary of the criteria used to divide each tier, as well as all the characters featured in each below.

  • S+: Capable of being a game changer no matter your party, although the right party will allow you to take them to entirely new heights. The best of the best.
  • S: Capable of excelling in both scenarios, even more, when in the right composition.
  • A: Capable of excelling in the right composition and under set conditions.
  • B: Capable of doing well but easily outperformed.
  • C: Should not be considered if you plan on facing challenging enemies.

All S+-Tier Characters


As usual with Gacha-games, the best characters in MementoMori are all native SRs, many of which are only available through their own event banners.

  • Cordie: Arguably the game’s best Sniper. Cordie has the ability to deal massive amounts of damage and score critical hits frequently while also actively increasing her own damage. She is especially deadly on higher levels, thanks to her ability to multiply her damage and break through defenses efficiently.
  • Primavera: Able to deal massive damage to enemies in front of her (and adjacent to it depending on her level) through her high-skill scaling and the CRIT scaling of the Sniper class, all while buffing your party.
  • Olivia: Arguably the game’s best all-around support, Olivia is capable of dealing high amounts of damage, while also granting all allies’ a sturdy shield, and buffing their attack based on her own.
  • Luke: Able to deal massive damage to random enemies as well as one attack which ignores Shield, Multi Barrier, and Invulnerable. She is also able to debuff enemies after performing a Critical hit and has a high resistance to Crit herself.
  • Mertellier: Able to deal good amounts of damage, while also generating a shield for herself and regenerating HP. She is also able to increase the survivability, massively buff the ATK, and lower the Skill cooldown of your unit with the highest ATK.
  • Merlyn: Able to efficiently debuff enemies, all while also clearing allies of debuffs and buffing both their defense, Crit chance, and ATK, the latter at certain scenarios.
  • Belle: The deadliest Sorcerer in the game, Belle is capable of almost one-hitting enemies from the get-go through the use of her skills, both of which are focused on dealing single-target damage. She is also able to tank your way to victory at higher levels, thanks to her ability to generate a shield and lower the damage done to her.
  • Amour: Capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to both single and random targets. Her ability to revive herself while dealing massive damage is also always welcome no matter the scenario.
  • Florence: The game’s best overall Warrior. Florence excels through her ability to deal massive damage to random enemies while also increasing her own Crit chance.
  • Fenrir: A great offensive support, Fenrir is able to actively deal high damage, all while also riding allies of debuffs, shortening their cooldowns, and occasionally healing when you find yourself in a pitch.
  • Amleth: A Warrior who has both in her ability to deal 1.5x damage to sorcerers and deal high damage to random enemies as her biggest strength. Her ability to survive sure to kill attacks, as well as increase her attack when in critical situations also makes her a must for any team. When at higher levels, Amleth is also able to heal herself in certain scenarios.
  • Soltina: A character sure to fit any composition, Soltina is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage, clearing herself of debuffs, tanking through the use of her passive, and dealing frequent Critical hits, especially at higher levels.

All S-Tier Characters

  • Lunalynn: Able to deal high damage to all members of the opposing team, while also increasing the party’s survivability and debuffing enemies.
  • Fortina: Fortina can shield all members of the party and offer them steady amounts of HP regeneration, all while dealing damage to enemies.
  • Natasha: Able to deal massive physical (500%+) damage to random enemies while also decreasing the damage received by her. Natasha has her ability to perform especially destructive Criticals as her biggest strength.
  • Mimi: Capable of dealing high amounts of damage at random targets as well as both increasing her own ATK and producing a shield. Mimi’s biggest strength, however, lies in her ability to apply Resonance to a target, thus allowing the damage received by it to be shared between enemies, to a certain degree.
  • Ivy: A great pick for those looking to deal high amounts of Physical damage, Ivy has the ability to deal massive hits at both random and fixed targets. She is even more deadly when buffed, or when attacking enemies affected with debuffs.
  • Rean: A Warrior who shines thanks to her ability to deal Criticals, Rean is capable of dealing great amounts of damage at random targets, all while also self-healing and generating a sturdy shield for herself.
  • Dian: Dian is able to deal massive damage to random targets through both her skills and enhanced normal attacks, while also applying bleed, actively healing herself, and providing buffs to her team in certain scenarios.
  • Freesia: One of the game’s best-focused supports/healers, Freesia is capable of keeping your team healthy in almost all scenarios through her ability to periodically heal and offer handy buffs. Her passive also allows her to stay relatively safe herself, thus making sure you are able to take on long battles.
  • Moddey: Among the game’s cast, very few characters are able to afflict ailments as efficiently as Moddley, a feat she manages to more than accomplish while also dealing massive amounts of damage through her unique mechanics.
  • Sonya: An excellent damage dealer, focused on single target scenarios but who can also work extremely well against multiple enemies, Sonya’s biggest strengths lie in both her ability to deal large amounts of damage per turn through her high accuracy and in her ability to deal constant Criticals.
  • Cerberus: The game’s latest playable character, Cerberus is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage at random enemies, as well as hunting and bringing down single targets through her high attack and ability to deal constant criticals.

All A-Tier Characters

  • Cherna: Capable of dealing a good amount of damage as well as applying damaging effects. she can also make use of HP Drain to further increase both her and your team’s overall damage.
  • Skuld: A great healer as well as an overall buffer/debuffer thanks to her ability to increase your team’s ATK speed and reduce your enemies’ overall damage.
  • Rosalie: Shines through her survivability and ability to life drain. Rosalie can also deal great amounts of damage and tank while in her Invulnerable state.
  • Petra: Able to make use of her class’ high Crit Chance and her own buffing ability to deal massive damage through both skills and her enhanced normal attacks.
  • Iris: Capable of dealing high amounts of multi-target damage while also debuffing targets efficiently. At higher levels, she is capable of attacking 5 enemies simultaneously with both her skills.
  • Valeriere: Able to deal massive single-target damage while also staying self-sustainable.
  • Carol: Capable of dealing good damage and healing herself, all while getting rid of enemy buffs and decreasing her target’s Defense in specific scenarios. Becomes an S-tier after unlocking the third level of Tears of Oblivion.
  • Hathor: Capable of dealing massive damage to the opposing team’s highest HP units, while also actively debuffing them, increasing her own ATK, and restoring her HP.
  • Tropon: Able to deal high damage, heal herself efficiently, dispel buffs and add debuffs to her targets. Only recommended at high levels.
  • Nina: Capable of dealing high amounts of damage to random enemies, as well as clearing them of buffs and decreasing the damage received by her to up to 65%.
  • Illya: Capable of dealing massive amounts of single-target Physical damage while also applying status effects. Especially lethal at higher levels. A must when facing single enemies.
  • Libra: A good support, Libra is capable of dealing good amounts of damage to multiple targets, all while also massively lowering their defenses.

All B-Tier Characters

  • Monica: The only Normal character to go above D-Rank, Monica shines thanks to her ability to heal your main damage dealer efficiently. Not recommended for mid to late-game.
  • Sabrina: Sabina’s biggest strength lies n her ability to deal consecutive attacks as well as score Criticals. Her ability to clear herself of debuffs also comes in handy.
  • Zara: Able to deal massive damage to set targets.
  • Theodora: Capable of dealing high amounts of damage to set targets while also lowering their defenses and applying Bleed through her passive.
  • Arianrhod: Capable of dealing high damage to targets, especially if they are carrying debuffs. She is also capable of constantly lowering the attack of targets by 40%, a skill which is especially useful against bosses or high-level enemies.
  • Loki: Capable of dealing great amounts of single-target damage and actively silencing foes. Can also generate a shield and thus increase her survivability in certain scenarios.
  • Soteira: Capable of dealing good amounts of magical damage through her array of muti-hit attacks. Also capable of debuffing and applying damaging statuses on enemies.

All C-Tier Characters

  • Garmr, Shizu, and Charlotte: Although using them can work against weaker enemies, they are easily outclassed by other easily acquirable characters.

You can play MementoMori right now on both Android and iOS, s well as on PC through the use of official emulators.

- This article was updated on January 18th, 2023