All Cobblemon Commands for Minecraft Cobblemon Mod

Are you trying to use all of the commands in Cobblemon?

by Gordon Bicker
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Minecraft has a variety of interesting mods on offer for players to enjoy spending their time with, such as the Cobblemon mod. Even if you have been playing Minecraft since day one, this mod is still worth trying out. Pokemon in Minecraft looks just as enjoyable as anyone thinks it would be and this article will take you through every Cobblemon command in Minecraft.

Every Cobblemon Command in Minecraft | All Cobblemon Commands

There is a range of custom Cobblemon commands for you to work your way through in the game. These are great if you are looking for the quickest way to start seeing Pokemon in the mod. Not only that but you can also heal your Pokemon with the commands.

  • /spawnpokemon — This command will let you spawn a pokemon of your choice.
  • /spawnallpokemon — Lets you spawn every pokemon.
  • /spawnpokemonat — You will be able to spawn a pokemon at a specific location.
  • /<Pokemonname> X — X stands for a range of specific commands that can be applied to Pokemon by typing in their name. From Gender to Friendship and more. To use this command type in the Pokemon name of your choice and then you will see the other additive commands.
  • /pokeedit — You will be able to change the nature of your Pokemon.
  • /pokegive — Allows you to give a Pokemon to your character.
  • /pokeeditother — Does the same as Pokeedit except will let you change the nature of another Player’s Pokemon.
  • /pokeheal — Will let you heal a Pokemon.
  • /pokegiveother — Lets you give a Pokemon to another player.

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Are There Any Extra Cobblemon Commands for Minecraft?

Yes, you are able to get extra commands through downloading mod add-ons for Cobblemon. This extra mod download could be said to be essential to get the full experience of the mod. The commands that arrive as part of this extra download have been written and listed below for you.

  • /poketrade <player> — You will be able to trade with other players by using this command. If you want to give each other pokemon, this is the command you will want.
  • /pokeshout <slot> — If you are wanting to showcase your Pokemon’s stats to other players, this command will put them on display in the chat.
  • /battle — Will let you fight another player in the world through player-versus-player battles.
  • /pc — This command is something that you will tend to use a lot as you can utilize your PC anywhere in the mod.
  • /pokebattle — This will automatically start a Pokemon battle for your character and Pokemon.
  • /pokesee — Your full-party stats will be shown including the overall summary of them.
  • /pokeseeother — Does the same as Pokesee except it allows you to get the stats of another player’s party.

Now that you know all of the great commands to use within the exciting Minecraft mod, you can get back to playing through it — hopefully keeping your Pokemon outside of the Pokeballs.

- This article was updated on March 29th, 2023

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